sentinel on parallel port

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I need a little guidance.
I have a software program that requires a Rainbow Sentinel that is a
parallel port.
I want to put this on a laptop that does not have a parallel port.
The company that makes the product is no longer supporting this version
so I cannot get any help from them.
What are my options?

Re: sentinel on parallel port

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There are USB to parallel port adapter cables, but whether that
would work, would really depend on how carefully crafted the Sentinel
software happens to be. I don't know if the latency, from the issue
of a USB command, until a response comes back from the parallel
port, would be a problem or not.

There is one reference to this approach in Google:


   Can I use a parallel to USB port replicator to connect my parallel
   dongle to an USB port?


   If the port replicator produces a memory address (I/O range and
   has an assigned DMA range in the device manager, it can be used.
   This has to be entered into the configuration utility
   SetupSysDriver.exe, that can be found under:
   C:\Program Files\ Rainbow Technologies\ Sentinel System Driver

   Most people require a USB-to-parallel port replicator, because
   they would like to connect a parallel port dongle on their laptop
   which does not have a parallel port but USB. In such cases, a
   possible solution would be to use a PCMCIA to parallel port adapter
   which must comply to IEEE 1284 standards and is mapped to a memory
   address (I/O range)."

That didn't make things any clearer for me, but does suggest the
question has been asked before. Perhaps if you find a private
forum where people discuss the Sentinel device, you'll get more


Re: sentinel on parallel port

cdoc wrote:
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Make a resolution to never buy anything that requires a dongle or
dongle like device.

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