Seagate says future iPods will hold 275gb!

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Holy S**T! I've been daydreaming what it would be like all morning
after reading the press release.

"Seagate today provided an updated outlook on the future of the hard
drive. The company nearly tripled today's highest storage density and
believes that 275 GB capacities will be realistic for future Ipods,
while desktop computers will be able to store up to 2.5 TB on one
drive." /

Re: Seagate says future iPods will hold 275gb!

On 15 Sep 2006 13:43:17 -0700, ""

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The future is in smaller, more robust, more energy efficient
devices.   That means flash memory or other non-mechanical

Also consider the details in the linked article, that while
Seagate achieved 421 Gb/inch2, we already have 230 Gb/inch2.

421 / 230 = 1.83

275GB / 1.83 = 150GB

Are there any 150GB iPods?  

Tom's Hardware is just a mindlessly silly site using
buzzwords to generate traffic (nothing has changed, they
have for years) but using an iPod example.  By 2009 the iPod
will likely be so chock full of proprietary DRM that it's
hard to find 275GB of stuff to put on it unless all video.

I don't meant to suggest that higher capacity HDDs are bad
at all, but eventually if everything is so wrapped up in DRM
that there has to be a license on the player, there may not
even be a need to store the content on the player at all,
have that wirelessly streamed and only a minor amount of
memory is needed to store licensing info and device
operating system, playlists, etc.

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