Seagate's SMART value arising (Raw_Read_Error_Rate, Seek_Error_Rate, Hardware_ECC_Recovere...

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Dear NG friends,

I wish to understand if my brand new Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 is
defective in the head/arm parts, or the issues arised is a sort of
'bug' of Seagate's SMART implementation.

On one hand I've some critical SMART-attribute values that are
constantly growning, even under a very light workload like opening
small text files or browsing the filesystem. The HDD has only 30 hours
of power-on time, most of these spent to test the unit to understand
the root of problem.
Beside the Barracuda is running, as slave on the same IDE channel, an
older Quantum Fireball CR4.3 that show no Seek_Error_Rate nor
Raw_Read_Error_Rate errors at all (RAW_VALUE=0), confirming that are no
issues in the enviroinment.
I've tested the unit with SeaTools and no error was found, but - I
think - only because the thresholds are not been yet reached.

On the other hand I've discovered that the problem is common among some
Seagate Drive owners:

Considering the issues described, is a replacement advisable, or is
better to mantain the drive in place waiting the TEC?
Are here other guys that have meet the same SMART-attributes's raising

Luigi Calabrese

  1 Raw_Read_Error_Rate     056   044   006    42098799
  9 Power_On_Hours          100   100   000    30
  7 Seek_Error_Rate         063   060   030    2221905
190 Unknown_Attribute       062   059   045    672202790
195 Hardware_ECC_Recovered  053   048   000    23057177

Model: ST3802110A
Firmware revision: 2AAA
Identify information CRC: Ok

Re: Seagate's SMART value arising (Raw_Read_Error_Rate, Seek_Error_Rate, Hardware_ECC_Recovered) wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

if you have any doubts you should replace the drive.
even though it might pass the diagnostic...
seagate *might* still warrantly the drive if you explain the problem
to them as well as you did here

Re: Seagate's SMART value arising (Raw_Read_Error_Rate, Seek_Error_Rate, Hardware_ECC_Recovered)

Thanks for your replies.

Wondering through this wonderful forum

I've discovered that the issue is due to the particoular implementation
of some SMART-attributes made by Seagate: the values shown is related
to the every error sensed, and not (as done by Maxtor, i.e.) only to
the uncorrectable/unrecoverable errors.

Furthermore, the rattle that I've noticed unpacking the disk is to
retrace to the arm lock mechanism that should (I hope) avoid the head
slamming risk caused by the punctual mishandlings that occours during
the shipment (damned !@x*=A7, sgrunt!).

Have a beautiful day,

Re: Seagate's SMART value arising (Raw_Read_Error_Rate, Seek_Error_Rate, Hardware_ECC_Recovered) wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it
Quoted text here. Click to load it

This is from the Resetting SMART message:

I have a Seagate hard drive that some software reports the 07 seek error
rate and 0A spin retry count are outside of their acceptable range.  I have
tried Seagate's Disk Diagnostics and the program reports the drive is fine.
HD Tuneup says no.  Anyway is there a way to reset the SMART on the hard
drive so I can see if it stays within an acceptable threshhold?  Sometimes
when I start WinXP Pro SP2 I get a bad_pool_call error.  Could this be
related to a seek error rate or spin retry count error?  The drive is not
making any strange noises.

HD Tune 2.50

(07) Seek Error Rate        76    60   30  49359484   Failed

(0A) Spin Retry Count    100  100   97  0                 OK

Model:        ST3120026A
Firmware:    8.54

This is a relatively new drive with a power on time of 2268 hours.  I have
not decided what to do yet.

Brought to you from beautiful Unalaska/Dutch Harbor, Alaska.
N 53 51.140'  W 166 30.228'   (WGS 84)

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