SD card limitations

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Hi all,

I just bought a 2GB micro sd card and I noticed it won't let me put more
than 174 files in the root. I tried to fill it up with MP3's but once it
reached 174 files it told me it was full or had some unknown error
preventing me from writing to it. I added a folder in the root and started
putting more files in there and everything works fine, but I was just
wondering why I have to do this ? I should be able to put 5000 files in the
root if I want to right ?

The SD card is for my phone (Nokia 6126).. same behaviour whether it's in
the phone (data transfer mode) or out (memory card reader).


Re: SD card limitations

Skeleton Man wrote:
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Microsoft has always had a limit on the number of files in the
root of floppys/drives.
Just put things in a sub-directory, and when that fills up,
they automatically add blocks to that dir.
The limit for fat 16 drives was at about 75 entries in a subdir,
causing system slowdown for more than that, because of having to
scan the additional dir blocks.

Re: SD card limitations

On Mon, 16 Jun 2008 13:31:37 -0400, "Skeleton Man"

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FAT16 imposes a small limit in the root, IIRC it was 512
entries but fewer if filenames were more than 8.3
characters.  If your phone can use FAT32, try it.

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