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I bought, sometime ago, a 36.5 Gig or so HD for an old Apple which is
broken. As it is too
old, I thought in using the drive for one of my PCs. Now, the device (HD)
comes with a converter to plug older machines. And I have an SCSI adaptor
(Iomega) in my PC which has a 50 pin connector to plug SCSI internal
devices, the one which used to be called SCSI 1. So, I have plugged
everything without adding any jumpers. The disk doesn't show up either on
the BIOS or in WinXP. I enter the BIOS of the adapter and make a bus scan
and I get: 'no device found'. The HD spins all right, too fast to my taste,
but I have no experience with SCSI HDs, and when the bus scan is in progress
I hear the adaptor accessing the drive. I have tried setting the SCSI ID to
all settings from 0 to 3 and I have tried fiddling with the remaining four
(or three?) jumpers which in the converter are labels only with acronyms I
do not really know what they stand for.

What worries me is that the SCSI adaptor doesn't see the drive. It must be
formatted Apple because I bought it in an Apple computer shop, but even
though the adapter should see it, don't you think? Something like reporting
it found a drive with a funny format or no format at all.

I have spent a good deal of time researching the subject and I only found
one piece of information which might be useful: "enable bus scan", but
looking to the HD itself or the converter, there is no jumper to stop or
allow bus scan. Any suggestions?



Three possible explanations.
1-The Iomega adapter is non-standard and only will recognize Iomega
drives - see Iomega's web site for info.
2- The HD is unterminated - look for a jumper on the HD that will turn
on termination.  If it's a very new SCSI HD, you might have to terminate
it externally - see the mfrs. data sheet.
3- Something is defective - HD or adapter.

What is the nature of the converter?  68 pin to 50 pin?  What crytpic
markings are on the converter's jumpers?

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