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On a portable netbook (HP) the screen shows abn unstable image each time
i open internet Explorer or firefox.
It does it what ever is the profile. Reinstallation of both software is
not a cure.
I need help.

Re: screen unstable

Sydney wrote:
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If the browser has GPU hardware acceleration, try disabling it.

This example, shows the setting for Firefox 4. It's possible
some version of Internet Explorer has acceleration as well.
Adobe Flash plugin, also has hardware acceleration, and that
one would be a separate setting from the browser setting.
At the moment, it sounds like the browser setting is at fault.

So try this first, and retest Firefox. To disable the GPU,
untick the Use Hardware Acceleration box.


Re: screen unstable

Le 28/09/2012 12:50, Paul a écrit :
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Quoted text here. Click to load it
Thanks Paul The problem is fixed. I untick the GNU Hardware Acceleration
box in Firefox. For Internet Explorer 8, there is another problem for I
prefer to make a new post.

Re: screen unstable

Le 28/09/2012 14:47, Sydney a écrit :
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New information. Now the screen instability appears under Ubuntu (Linux)
live CD session.

This is a situation where you boot from an Ubuntu installation. Even
before you access to the choice: install or test Ubuntu, the screen goes
  So I believe it must be a physical hardware defect.
Could it be a pilote problem or ...?

Re: screen unstable

Sydney2 wrote:
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There were some bad Nvidia graphics chips a few years back.

Please give some details about the model number of your machine.
Or alternately, you can Google the model number of the machine,
and see if there are reports of a need to do a warranty return
because of corrupted graphics.

Some laptop graphics, the GPU has little memory chips
soldered to the top, and one of those can go bad. But because
there is no socket for the video memory or for the GPU chip,
you can't fix that at home. Only someone at the factory could
fix it. (At the computer store, they'd tell you "you need a
new motherboard".)

I've had a similar experience to you. I thought I had a software
problem, until I tested my computer with a second OS, and the same
crash type happened. And in the case of that computer, it was an
actual design flaw in the motherboard. If you only used two
sticks of RAM, it was an extremely stable and well behaved
motherboard. Rather than waste more time trying to fix it,
I just continued to run it with only two sticks of RAM, and
all was fine. That machine still runs today (but it's too slow
to use for any serious work).


Re: screen unstable

Le 15/10/2012 14:04, Paul a écrit :
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The subNetbook is a 311 1170 Compaq Mini (september 2010) .
the graphics card is from Intel GMA 3150. At least this is what I read
on the leaflet when buying the SubNetbook. Now I see in the device
manager that the graphic card is a Nvidia ION with a pilot.
If I was to update, i don't know which pilot to take ?
For your information the processor in Intel ATOM N450.
what do you think ?

Re: screen unstable

Sydney2 wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

(2010) is a modern machine, past the time that NVidia discovered
it had a solder ball problem.

It's hard to get a block diagram of that thing that I trust.

According to this, the Ion LE is the first generation one.
The 311 gets mentioned in the "netbook" link in the upper left.

It looks like the Ion LE takes the place of the chipset, and
is more than just a GPU. It hosts up to six SATA drives. The
specs don't say it, but that chip would also connect to the
FSB (which usually requires a license from Intel). I thought
one of the other members of the ION family, connected to a
PCI Express x1 slot, with much less bandwidth. So this ION
appears to be a "well connected" first generation part. It
has the memory controller on board as well (so the GPU in the
ION, has a short path to get to the memory - it's still low
bandwidth by normal GPU standards, but every bit counts).

So that raises the question in this case, whether it
even makes sense to be running the GMA 3150.

OK, now if I look at the block diagram of an N450, I
see something entirely different. There is no FSB on
this chip, so you can't connect an ION first generation.
You'd need the ION with the PCI Express x1 interface.
The processor has the memory controller, the GMA 3150, and
the only bus is the relatively slow DMI to a Southbridge.
If you had an ION, it would connect off the Southbridge
via PCI Express x1.

     DDR2-667 --- N450 --- VGA, LCD Panel, etc
                    | DMI (could be 1 or 2GB/sec)
                  Southbridge --- PCI Express x1 --- Nvidia ION

And that appears to be a different ION than the one I located.


OK, this could be the makeup of your machine.

I suspect you'd need two drivers. A driver for the GMA 3150
(as that would be used for the regular desktop graphics),
and a driver for the ION 2 (as it would be running things
with 3D acceleration, maybe even movie playback/decoding
would be done there). The ION 2 is shut off when the
computer is idle, and the GMA 3150 runs the desktop
then. But when something needs graphics power, the ION 2
is switched on (clock speed raised, power state change).
This also requires some kind of solution to select signals
from one of the two chips.

Your best bet, is to use the HP site, and use the product
numbers on the sticker on the machine, to select the
right driver page. Due to my demonstrated uncertainty
above, about the hardware in the box, it might be
better to start with the page for your machine.
Maybe your machine is a 311c or something.

If you can figure out the correct URL for that, post
back the URL and I'll have a look at it. I suspect there are
several models of 311, and I don't want to pick the
wrong one. My guess is there are two drivers, but they
could package both of them in the same download file.

If you go to and use their driver inspector
tool (which loads code onto your computer), I expect
it'll just tell you to go to the site. They may
not offer you a driver there. Laptops are generally
supported by the laptop maker (unless there is a
hacked driver package available on a laptop review


Re: screen unstable

Le 18/10/2012 11:06, Paul a écrit :
Quoted text here. Click to load it
thanks a lot for all the work you have done to help me.

I am not sure I understand every thing you wrote.
Here is the URL i got when using the sticker.
This sticker says effectively I have a 311c 1170F =

it is in French. I think you will find the equivalent english version. I
used the product number VY261EA#ABF

I downloaded SP 45 291;exe and wait for your answer

Re: screen unstable

Sydney wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it
Quoted text here. Click to load it

There is only one driver there, so that is all you can use :-)

    "Pilote - Graphiques (?1)

     Pilote VGA NVIDIA
     2009-09-25 , Version: A, 83.92M
     Ce package contient les pilotes NVIDIA VGA destines aux
     ordinateurs portables et aux systemes d'exploitation pris en charge."

This is the hardware mentioned in the INF file. The pci.ids
file says this is "0876  ION VGA [GeForce 9400M]". You could
check Device manager now, and see if it mentions 9400M or not.

%NVIDIA_DEV.0876.01% = Section021, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0876&SUBSYS_3651103C

I still don't have enough info to tell the ION chips apart.

Install the driver and see if it works.


Re: screen unstable

Le 19/10/2012 15:16, Paul a écrit :
Quoted text here. Click to load it
I installed the driver and nothing has changed . In fact windows kept
the initial pilot as if no installation was made.  Instability is still
there. The device manager does not show 9400M
I will search for other pilots and keep you informed.

Re: screen unstable

Sydney2 wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

In Device Manager (devmgmt.msc in Start:Run), look
under the Display Adapter entry.

What does it say right now, for the details of the Display Adapter ?

For my current computer, mine says something like:

    Display Adapter
       NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GT/GTO

If I look under properties, it tells me the driver
version. If says

          Driver Version:

but the way you parse that, if looking
on the Nvidia site, is 175.19 version.


Re: screen unstable

Le 20/10/2012 13:16, Paul a écrit :
Quoted text here. Click to load it
1 Under display adapter entry it says NVIDIA ION.
2 Details is found under a tab in properties (French version ) it says
3 the pilot tab shows NVIDIA 23-07-2009 version
4 under the button details of pilote I see 16 file names one EXE one sys
and many dlls, then supplier: Microsoft Version 21

Intel or NVidia names do not appear !

Re: screen unstable

Sydney wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Your driver version is 186.44 and it is from NVidia (since only
they know the register definitions of the GPU). They actually
supplied the driver.

The SP45291.exe download is also 186.44 version.

I extracted a file from SP45291.exe to use for a test. I chose nvlddmkm.sy_

I use 7ZIP to get that file.

The letters inside the file are SZDD, which can be expanded by the
expand.exe utility that comes with your OS. This gives
nvlddmkm.sys as the output.

    expand nvlddmkm.sy_ nvlddmkm.sys

If I do properties on nvlddmkm.sys I get:

Company             NVIDIA Corporation
File Version
Internal Name       nvlddmkm.sys, NV_LDDM:6951, NV_LDDM_DDK_BUILD:90317
Language            English (United States)
Original File name  nvlddmkm.sys
Product Name        NVIDIA Windows Kernel Mode Driver, Version 186.44
Product Version

So that file at least, inside SP45291, is NVidia branded, and not
Microsoft branded. But since the driver release seems to be the same
(for whatever reason), I don't think it will install right now.


You can look for a driver here.

This one claims to work with ION. This is for a 32 bit OS.

GeForce          306.97 Driver
Version          306.97 - WHQL
Release Date      Wed Oct 10, 2012
Operating System Windows 7 32-bit
                  Windows 8 32-bit
                  Windows Vista 32-bit
Language         English (US)
File Size        173.25 MB

Supported Products
ION (Notebooks)
ION LE (Notebooks)

If I download that, and look in the nvhm.inf file, I see this.

%NVIDIA_DEV.0876.3651.103C% = Section019, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0876&SUBSYS_3651103C

Whereas, if I look in the nvhm.inf file in SP45291.exe, I see this.

%NVIDIA_DEV.0876.01%        = Section021, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0876&SUBSYS_3651103C

The VEN/DEV/SUBSYS match, so that driver should install.

If there is a hardware defect, that driver won't fix it. If the
bug is in the software, maybe it will make a difference.

Good luck,

Re: screen unstable

Le 21/10/2012 12:24, Paul a écrit :
Quoted text here. Click to load it
The new driver was installed . Iunstability is still here . I'll to play
with the resolution and 3D effect to remove it. it should be noticed
that the phenomenon appairs very mainly when navigating although I
noticed it slightly when installing Linux ubuntu 12.04
If it is a hardware problem i am afraid that changing the screen isn't
cost advisable.

Re: screen unstable

Le 22/10/2012 21:42, Sydney2 a écrit :
Quoted text here. Click to load it
send test to alt.comp.hardware

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