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Along with my normal PC I have a second elderly one that is used for back
ups and general messing about.   They share keyboard, mouse and widescreen
monitor via a KVM switch.    The second machine is a Pentium 3 (500mhz) with
an Intel 810 mobo and an ATI Rage Pro Turbo PCI graphics card.    I have
Windows XP Pro installed and the latest drivers for the card from the ATI
website.  However, it cannot produce the 1440x900 resolution that the mintor
requires and I am having to make do with 1280x1024 which reduces picture
quality somewhat but I had accepted that, because of the age of the machine,
it was all I could get and I cannot justify buying a new card.   Now
however, I have just made it dual boot by installing xubuntu and amazingly
that has identified the monitor size and is producing 1440x900 through the
same mobo and graphics card.

My question is, now that I know Linux can do it, how can I accomplish it in
Windows?   I have tried Powerstrip but that gives the same results as
before, i.e. 1280x1024.

Keith W
Sunbury on Thames
(If you can't laugh at life, it ain't worth living)

Re: Screen Resolution Problem

Keith W wrote:
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You added a custom resolution?  I would have thought that would work.
It has for me, several times, but it's only diagnostic as I'm too cheap
to shell out $30 for the benefit.  There is an earlier version kept on
the site because some of the older video cards are no longer supported.
  You might try that.

Check out Tip #4 on this list:

That looks a bit promising to me so I think I'll try to make that final
tweak on my neighbor's setup.  I'll let you know how it turns out.

Re: Screen Resolution Problem

Grinder wrote:
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Ok, I tried the tip and it didn't work.  The registry just got changed
back on restart.

I installed Powerstrip, and had mixed results.  Creating and installing
a custom monitor inf did get the stated maximum (optimal) resolution to
show up in my options.  I was, however, able to add that resolution
within Powerstrip, and it worked after a restart.

Re: Screen Resolution Problem

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I tried Powerstrip, which has worked for me on other PCs but in this instant
the vertical and horizontal settings are locked and just beep when I try to
change them.   I will download the earlier one that you mention and try

Keith W

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