Scanner + motherboard compatibility problems?

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Hi. I recently thought my Mustek 1200 UB Plus scanner was dead.
However, I tested it on my old computer (a Dell Dimension XPS B866) and
it worked fine. On my new computer, when I try to scan, it says it
can't detect the scanner and that I should check the cables.

My motherboard is an Abit NF7 and my O/S is Win XP. Any suggestions?


Re: Scanner + motherboard compatibility problems?

Also, I am not sure if this information is helpful, but the scanner is
detected in both the "Safely remove hardware" panel and the Imaging
Devices section of the Device manager.

Re: Scanner + motherboard compatibility problems?

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Are you using the latest drivers for XP?

How are you trying to scan?  Have you tried using the TWAIN driver from a
seperate application?


Re: Scanner + motherboard compatibility problems?

Yes, I did download the latest drivers for Windows XP.

How would I use the scanner's driver from a separate application?
Mustek's scan control panel is all I know. Is there a generic + free
scanner program that I can use?


Re: Scanner + motherboard compatibility problems?

On 11 Jul 2005 19:15:01 -0700, "Random Person"

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Besides getting updated drivers ----  I bought a cheaper HP and Epson
right before WIN XP came out . The lower end HPs were notorious for
having lots of problems with various PCs. The USB and parallel port
interfaces they were using caused lots of problems. They phased out
the parallel port versions but the early USB really caused weird
erratic problems too. Both my Epson and HP had problems. My Epson
worked fine with WIN ME but was so erratic the 1250 with WIN XP I
finally gave up after 6 months of reinstalling various drivers over
and over and over  again trying to make it work consistently.

After buying a Canon 3000ex its a piece of cake. No problems
whatsoever.  I ended up throwing away the HP and Epson.

Re: Scanner + motherboard compatibility problems?

Wow John - I was about to buy a "low end HP (HP Scanjet 2400)" :-o

You'd think manufacturers would have nailed down USB interface problems
by now...

Do you think me using an un-updated version of Win XP could be
responsible? I'm quite happy with my Win XP Professional, v5.1 (Build
2600) that I've never seen any reason to upgrade it. If possible I'd
like to avoid upgrading it as well, the last time I did I seemed to
notice that it made my computer slower and more susceptible to freezes.

Would motherboard drivers be a possible factor? I tried downloading my
motherboard's drivers from Abit's website. However, when I run setup, I
get a message that it is checking my computer's configuration, then
setup quits. Hmm...I wonder if I should start another thread on whether
other people have problems upgrading their Abit NF7 motherboard's

Re: Scanner + motherboard compatibility problems?

On 12 Jul 2005 02:06:36 -0700, "Random Person"

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To be fair this was a while ago when WIN XP was still kind of new and
USB too.  There were numerous posts in the scanner group talking about
using low end HPs as doorstops. And grumbling about the support. They
had very short tech support on their budget stuff something like 3-6
months or something , warranty too and then you had to pay. And some
of the scanners it was said did have a solution but you had to pay. Im
not even sure there was one that really worked.  

The HP cheapo scanners I assume they work now as I dont see tons of
horrible posts like I used to. Anyway it wasnt just them. A lot of
early parallel port stuff didnt work that great. There used to be
cheapos non scsi and decent ones that were scsi in the old days but
they were expensive.  I used to have a Microtek Scsi scanner that was
great that was $370. And they developed these parallel port  plug
where you can piggy back a printer onto the plug since most PCs had
one parallel port to reduce costs and make them easier to install .
Those seemed to have lots of trouble.  I used to see lots of posts
complaining about them and my neighbors also had problems.

Then when USB started to catch on there was lots of problems with MBs
and devices. I had USB mice that would work on some PCs and not on
others.  Also scanners that worked on some PCs and that didnt work on
others. The transitioning of WIN XP too seemed to have problems with
some devices.

How old is your scanner?

Sometimes manufacturers will say there is some fix. Have you done a
search for Mustek problems? Thats why I dont like buying offname
brands there isnt as much support out there from users and the
company. Mustek used to be sold here at alot of places but I dont see
them that much anymore though I think Compusa still sells two models.
You hardly ever hear them mentioned anymore.  They always seemed to be
a cheapo brand. I used to see them offered almost free after rebates
here in the US during the rebate mania sales in the late 90s and early
2000s.  Office max here had another one a few months ago. I think they
had the Mustek for 10 or 15 after rebate.

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You should look at all the stuff Twain drivers, ABITs USB ports etc
and any weird fixes for Mustek Scanners. I recall some scanners - the
Epson software had lots of problems initially. There were various
fixes including some other software that interfered with the Epson
twain drivers etc. None of that fixed my problem though. IF you just
cant get it going try the Canon if its cheap in the UK too, They have
several models in the 49-69 buck range here and some in the 75-100

Im assuming youve done the obvious stuff

Tech support /

See heres a review by consumer on the Mustek 1200 UB plus which is
different from the UB I think but you get the gist of the review which
is similar to my experience with the Epson 1250. Lots of people seemed
to have problems with it after switching to WIN XP and others maybe
its the system they had , didnt . Thats why I think its better to get
a well known firm and a newer model that doesnt have a bad rep too of

General Comments

Mustek 1200ub Plus - I, too, had a Mustek scanner running on Windows
ME and it worked beautifully. The installation was simple and the scan
quality was quite good. Then I had to get a new computer which came
with Windows XP and the scanner failed to run on that system. Mustek
claims it has working XP drivers but they don't work for half the
people with whom I have spoken and Mustek technical support is
nonexistent. Every time I emailed them to help me with my problem I
got the same cut-and-paste instructions from their website that I had
already told them didn't work on my system. Even contacting customer
support to complain about this yielded the exact same cut-and-paste

In summary, I would rate the hardware that Mustek produces very
highly, but the technical support and updates on drivers are
completely inadequate which turns an otherwise excellent piece of
electronic equipment into an expensive and oversized paperweight. I
will never buy Mustek products again for this reason and I replaced my
Mustek scanner with a pretty snowglobe which functioned just as well
as my scanner and took up much less desk space.

Heres one on the HP 3200C

I used to have one of these and another HP 2xxxx forget the model
number. Both were useless. Another consumer review :  

Good Points

Good when using windows 98 and below OS.

Bad Points
My HP scanner 3200c does not work since I installed Windows XP.

General Comments
My HP Scanner 3200P does not work when I install Windows 2000 and XP.


I love my canon. It works like you expect it to. Mine came with a USB
cord too. Its relatively fast (compared to my older scanners I used)
and the software and scanner work everytime which lots of other
scanners Ive bought didnt -- either out of the box or with some PCs or
when transitioning to WIN XP.  I think the newer models are probably
all better now though.

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