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      I just installed 2 new SATA 150 drives (Maxtor Diamond Max 9) in
a Raid 0 configuration. My question is about the temp that they run
at. It seems the drives are running at 42 degrees celsius, a little
hotter that my old ATA/133 drives. Is this normal? I have been told in
the past that SATA drives run hotter, but it did not come from a
reliable source.

Thank you

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Breck Fontaine wrote:
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Operating temperature is between 5 C and 55 C on that drive. I think
you're OK.

Re: SATA Question

Thank you for your help.


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Re: SATA Question

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Optimal temp for HDD is <=40 C
Every HDD in your system should have cooler - your HDDs will live longer.

Alan Kakareka
Data Recovery Service
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Re: SATA Question

On Mon, 19 Jun 2006 13:51:02 -0400, Breck Fontaine wrote:

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As another poster said, the easiest way to retrieve data from a hardisk is
simply to temporarilly install it into your PC as a second drive. This
involves opening up the case, locating an available power cable (should be
many free dangling around) and connecting the hardrive to an available
input, in your case SATA. The hardrive doesn't have to be physically
installed in the cabinet, I usually just use a few books as a base to
bring the hardisk up to the proper level right next to the open cabinet.

This way of doing it is so quick and easy, that it should be considered
despite any worries of warranties, which I do not think would be an issue
here anyway. It is far easier to do this than to go out and buy extra
hardware for an external connection, since all you want to do is grab the
data on a one time basis.

Of course when you do this connection of your old drive to your new
PC, you must do it in a way so that your new PC does boot up from the
proper drive. This may require setting some jumpers on your old drive so
that it is recognized as slave, etc.


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