sata/ide mistake, what to do

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Older Intel p4 3.2ghz, asus P4C800-de mobo

The mobo still expected the CDrom to connect via one of its ide

It has 2 sata ports that are full with harddrives, and 2 more for a
raid setup

I ordered a new cdrom and didn't notice or even think really, about
whether it was ide or sata.  As you may guess it turned out to be

Well I have plenty of sata power plugs from the PSU ... no problem
there.  But the rub comes in getting the data connection to work

I need the two unraided sata ports for 2 hardrives.  And using 1 of
the sata ports on a promise controller to connect the CDrom data
port to, doesn't seem to work.

I wondered if it might be possible to hook this cdrom up with its'
power from a sata power plug and an adaptor of some kind to allow the
cdrom data port to pass data thru an IDE style ribbon.

So I guess it would entail an adapter that went from the cdroms' sata
data plug, to an IDE ribbon style data cable.

So we'd have CDROM power from sata plug
  CDROM sata data port | adaptor | IDE ribbon to 2nd IDE controler

Is such a thing possible and if so would it just be a waste of time, and
I'd be better off sending the thing back and getting an IDE CDrom?

Re: sata/ide mistake, what to do

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There are adaptors
but my guess is they'd probably cost about the same as just getting and IDE

Re: sata/ide mistake, what to do

On Wed, 25 Nov 2009 21:54:30 -0600,

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Do you really need "unraided" SATA ports, or do you mean
only that you don't plan or want to make an array of the two
drives?  You can usually run drives on a raid controller, by
default, as single drive spans meaning they retain the same
single disk volume and compatibility with non-raid
controllers, it is just as if it didn't support raid at all
except when the RAID chipset is enabled there is a little
bit of wait at boot time to enumerate drives connected...
but even without drives connected if the feature is enabled
you might already be having most of that wait.

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Yes it is possible, though I am not familiar with all the
possible products, whether they all handle ATAPI (as with a
CDROM drive) or only ATA for hard drives.

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It wouldn't be a waste of time, though a bit of a less tidy
solution having the extra adapter in a system, but on the
other hand some day you might find it handy that the drive
is SATA since newer systems tend to have more and more SATA,
2 or fewer PATA drives possible.

When you wrote send it back I presume you can get a refund
or credit towards an IDE drive.  If so that seems a good
option unless as mentioned above you will likely later want
to use it with SATA, or you'd prefer to hook one of the
existing hard drives up to the RAID controller - note that
if it is the OS boot drive you may need to reconfigure or
reinstall the OS so it knows where the boot drive has been
moved and possible supply a driver for it like when windows
wants you to hit an F-key and feed it a driver floppy, or
have the driver slipsteamed onto a new installation disc.

Therefore, if one of the two hard drives is not booting an
OS, I would move that one to one of the SATA RAID ports
unless you later plan to use those for something else.

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