sata hdd detected after shutdown but not detected after reboot

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I have a msi p35-neo motherboard with the newest bios. I am trying to make  
it work with a Samsung sata hdd. What's the problem? So when I unplug the  
computer from the power supply  and then switch it on the hdd is detected  
by bios and windows boots. Then If I'll reboot from within windows the hdd  
isn't detected anymore and I get 'insert bootable media' error. When I  
power off the computer from within windows the disk is detected properly.  
There is no RAID on this mobo. The same thing happens with other disks  
(wd, seagate).

Any ideas?

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Re: sata hdd detected after shutdown but not detected after reboot

ppp wrote:
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Two of the most common problems causing your kind of problem is either bad
capacitors on the motherboard or the most likely problem these days is a
power supply that is right at the edge of not being able to run your system.

A flashlight can aid in looking for bulging or leaking capacitors (usually
brown substance on end of capacitors).

As for the power supply, unfortunately the only real test for those at home
is to try another power supply rated equal to or even better higher in

Good luck with the problem.

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