Sata Hard Drive Installation

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I must be doing something wrong - or I have not done something that I
need to do.

I bought a new ASUS M3A78-CM motherboard that has several SATA slots
on it.  Rather than use my existing IDE hard drive, I wanted to try
SATA - so I bought a SEAGATE hard drive.

I brought the system up with my old IDE drive as the boot C drive, and
with the SATA drive connected to the MOBO, along with a SATA DVD
burner also connected to the MOBO.  My intention, of course, is to
clone the old hard drive to the new.

BIOS and XP SP2's Device Manager show all hardware detected, including
the new SATA hard drive. The system boots up fine.  MyComputer shows
the hard drive and the burner properly, and the latter burns disks
just fine.  However, the SATA hard drive is not shown at all.

Some help this dummy?  Is there something extra I must do to
'activate' this SATA hard drive?



Re: Sata Hard Drive Installation wrote:
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Create a partition and format it in Disk Manager.

                   Mike Walsh

Re: Re: Sata Hard Drive Installation

On Thu, 12 Feb 2009 09:08:18 -0500, Mike Walsh

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It worked.  Thank you much


Re: Sata Hard Drive Installation wrote:
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So if you "brought the system up with an old IDE drive", that
implies you're using an OS which has drivers installed for
another motherboard. You must have seen the "new hardware wizard"
pop up a few times by doing that. It is important to understand
what is happening, in terms of installing new drivers and the like,
in order to get all your peripherals to work.

If, on the other hand, you mean you connected an IDE drive, then
used your Windows CD to do a fresh install of the OS, followed by
installing drivers from the motherboard CD, that would be another
issue entirely. Things would be working much better in that case.

If you look in Disk Management, you may see your SATA drive there.
If not, start looking in Device Manager. Are there any special
marks in Device Manager, indicating your drivers aren't right ?
That could be a hint as to why your SATA drive is not visible.

(Trouble in Device Manager)


Re: Re: Sata Hard Drive Installation

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Sorry - I wasn't careful with my English.  I had reinstalled the new
hardware, including motherboard, onto an ole IDE PATA hard drive I
had.  In the meantime I ordered, and now have,  a SATA hard drive.
I connected the new hard drive and brought the system up, using the
bootable old IDE drive, as before.  It is in that mode that the XP SP2
system showed absolutely nothing about the SATA hard drive - except
for Device Manager, as I said, or tried to say.
I tried 'installing new hardware' to no avail.  However the suggested
'disk manager' fixed things for me by allowing me to FORMAT the SATA
hard drive.  At that point the drive was known to the setup.  Now,
when I get to it, I should be able to do the clone.

Thanks for your interest.

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