sata hard drive 1.5G jumper

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Hello. I've got a serial ATA hard drive with a jumper to lower the data
transfer rate from 3.0Gbit/s to 1.5. I don't know what speed the motherboard
is on the computer. If I leave it set to the higher speed and the board can
only cope with 1.5Gbit/s will it still work only at the lower speed or could
it cause any damage/instability?

Re: sata hard drive 1.5G jumper

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yes and no.

Re: sata hard drive 1.5G jumper

Jim wrote:
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The drive autonegotiates the speed. Meaning it can run at 3Gbit/sec
and 1.5Gbit/sec.

For some older motherboard chipsets with SATA interfaces, this is known
to cause problems. You might notice this right away, if the drive identity
is not visible in the BIOS.

For examples in documentation-land, try PDF page 11 of this document.

   "Important Note:

    Motherboards and host controllers equipped with VIA, VT8237, VT8237R, VT6420,
    VT6421L, SIS760 and SIS964 do not support SATA 300 transfer speeds. For
    SATA 300 drives to function properly on the VIA chipsets, the Force 150
    must be used. For more information about your system chipset, please refer
    to the motherboard or host"

So in some cases, the affected chipsets are documented.

How I find things like this, is by setting the domain in this search engine,
to the domain of the disk drive company ("") and then using
descriptive terms in the search box. This approach is more surgical, in that
the span of the search doesn't take in all the crap on the Internet. I use
this search engine especially in cases where a company doesn't know how to
implement a good search engine of their own (ATI/AMD).


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