SATA DVDRW Drive Boot Problem

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Hello, I have built a system from parts that were scrounged. The
mainboard is a mercury  kvt600x-l with via chipset and amibios. I have
no IDE drives connected. I do have a Western digital hdd plugged into
one of the Sata ports. The other sata port has a liteon dvdrw multi
writer plugged into it. In the bios setup utility under the advanced
setup, for the boot order setup, the WD hdd is offered as a boot
option, but the dvdrw drive is not. There is options for cd/dvd-0
through cd/dvd-2. But none of these work. The dvdrw is detected during
post. A message from the via chipset briefly on screen, I can make
out, ser_ch_0 WD80JD (which is the hdd installed), and ser_ch_1 LITEON
dvdrw , with the serial number behind it. So I know that something is
recognizing it. But as I said it is not selectable for boot options,
and makes no attempt to light up at start up. This is a completely
fresh system. Any ideas on how to get this drive going so I can
install an OS? I guess if it comes down to it I will have to purchase
a PATA cdrom drive just to put an OS on the hdd. Really don't want to

Re: SATA DVDRW Drive Boot Problem

Somewhere on the interweb "kc9eye" typed:
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Try setting the boot order to HDD-1 before HDD-0. Perhaps the mobo thinks
sthat the DVD drive is a HDD.


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