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HI I bought a Sata DVD for my new system. I noticed that the default on the
gigbyte mobo for the sata connectors is IDE mode. I don't want to change
that because I don't need raid. Can anyone tell me if the sata DVD will
still operate that way?


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Rudy wrote:

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on my asus m2n-sli deluxe i just pluged my sata dvd drive in and it work no

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That's the only way SATA optical drives will operate.
If SATA is set to AHCI/RAID, optical drives will not
be seen by XP or Vista, although a fix is in Vista SP1
that will correct that.  If you're not using RAID, setting
SATA as IDE is the safest way to go, especially for XP.

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Somewhere on teh intarwebs "Ian D" typed:
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Disagree. My system is set to ACHI/RAID in BIOS (so I get the benefit of
NCQ) and all three of my HDDs and my Pioneer DVR 212 SATA drive works just
fine in XP Pro, it did with SP1, 2 and now 3.

Perhaps your experience is based on not having the Intel Matrix Storage
drivers installed?

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