SATA Drive failure Help pls

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Hi, what a mess! long story short, I  Raid 0'd two new Maxtor 120GB
drives. About  a week later whilst doing some video work a BSD appeared
and no amount of effort brough the system back to life.  So i re
formated in the raid bios and made two JBODS instead...for safety!!!!!!

Again, a week later whist rendering a big video file XP reported with a
yellow exclamation mark that a possible hardware failure had resulted
and couldnt write all data to disk 1 (my D Drive).

On my computer the drive is shown as 0 bytes used,  file system RAW.
If i click on the drive it reports........" D not accessible, more data
is available"

The drive is NOT listed in disk managemnt so i cant do anything to it.

My concern is that this is second failure, one for Raid 0 and now JBOD.  
I cant seem to test the drive because Maxtor do not support testing with
powermax on an NVIDA nforce 4 chipset.  

Is there a solution? Ive lost confidence in saving DATA to this drive
now, i suppose i could do a low level formate in raid set up on boot,
but will this fix it...this is my second go at this.  

Could it be that they are getting too hot, there is only 1/2" separating

Does anyone know how to test it with a third party software?

Or should i jus t send it back and wait 6 weeks for a no fault found

Thanks in advance

My system is
Gigabyte GA-K8NXP-9
Athlon 64/3000
512MB twinmoss ram
XP pro SP2

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