SATA drive as boot drive

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 I just brought home a new WDRaptor 75GB drive that I want to set up
as my system drive replacing my WD80GB PATA IDE. I am wondering what
the best way to go about this would be. As far as I can tell my Intel
D915G  MoBo has two SATA connectors and one IDE. In BIOS I see the new
drive on Port-3 with another Maxtor 300GB SATA on Port-1. If my board
has only two connectors and they have the listed drives attached which
configuration will allow be to boot to the Raptor. The install guide
does not cover this and says not to change the jumper from factory
setting. If I remove the system drive now connected and I change the
jumper to slave will the system automatically boot from the Raptor and
can I run Ghost to clone my System drive(80GB) to the 75 GB Raptor? I
thought I read that a system SATA had to be on Port-0 but I can't find
where I read this.

 Thanks to anyone that can help here.


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