Sata converter on new Dell

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Hi, I'm trying to hook up an old IDE Lite-On DVD-RW drive to a new SATA PC
(Dell Dimension E521). I connected an IDE > SATA converter to the burner and
plugged it to the mobo using the original sata cables. Problem is windows
Vista doesn't recognize it and I don't see it in the BIOS. I made sure the
sata channels are enabled in cmos, and tried all the jumper settings.   I've
downloaded and installed all drivers DELL told me to, and installed all
windows updates as well.  The DVD ROM drive the PC came with is always
recognized when it's connected.

Can someone please take me through what I'm supposed to do if I've missed

Thanks for any help

Re: Sata converter on new Dell

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Possibly too obvious, but have you also plugged in power? Does the tray open
and close when you press the button?

Re: Sata converter on new Dell

beni wrote:
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Optical drive jumpered as Master ?
If that doesn't work, try Cable Select.

Converter known to support ATAPI ?
Motherboard SATA connector known to support ATAPI ?

Converter power cable connected ?

More comments from users here.

Specifically, an E521 is mentioned as not working with the adapter.


Re: Sata converter on new Dell

beni wrote:
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I tried to connect a Plextor IDE DVD drive via an PATA-SATA adapter to a
computer which had run out of PATA controller capacity. Didn't work at
all. Then, on a whim, I got another brand of PATA-SATA adapter and found
that it worked perfectly. The original adapter was good with PATA hard
disks but it refused to operate with any of the three optical drives I

After you confirm that you are doing all the right things like ensuring
proper power to the adapter and drive and jumpering the drive properly
(probably master or cable select), you might want to also test your
adapter using a spare hard disk. If that works a call to the adapter's
importer would be in order to see if they expect it to work with optical

John McGaw
[Knoxville, TN, USA]

Re: Sata converter on new Dell

beni wrote:
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Converters have _always_ been an iffy thing. One never knows if a
convertor will work or not.

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