SanDisk cruzer micro u3 on WIN98se

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Is there any way to get this to work?

TIA,  Bill

Re: SanDisk cruzer micro u3 on WIN98se

On Sat, 28 Jul 2007 16:29:53 -0700, "Bill & Vernie Bauer"

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Check their website for a driver.  If they don't have one,
probably not unless you can determine the controller inside
and seek a driver by looking for one for same controller.

Re: SanDisk cruzer micro u3 on WIN98se

Bill & Vernie Bauer wrote:
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There is a USB Mass Storage driver here - Maximus Decim USB driver

The same driver could be what is listed here.

Back up your hard drive before using this - if you have problems,
you may want to be able to restore your system to its previous

I like to know where things like this come from, whether stolen
from some product, or written from scratch. This is one reference
to Maximus Decim here, making this driver the effort of one person:

    "Windows 98 USB Mass Storage Device Drivers (for USB hard drives and flash

     You can use a generic USB driver for USB storage devices for Windows 98
     that were written by a German programmer called Maximus Decim. It works
     with a wide range of USB storage devices. There is no home page and no
     support. To find download sites, you have to enter the man's name in
     a search engine, such as the Google search box provided at the top of
     this page... "

The U3 feature may be useless to you and not all people like it.
There is supposed to be some way to remove the U3 feature, and you
may want to check the Sandisk site for removal software. Presumably
you would need to borrow a computer running something other than
Win98 while doing this. I don't know if the Sandisk removal software
would work on top of the Maximus Decim driver.

The stick will likely need to be reformatted to FAT32, to be used for
general storage. Or even to some other format, if you were planning
on booting from the thing. The learning curve will be steep...

Have fun,

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