Samsung SyncMaster 193P og MagicTune problem ...

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I'm getting an errormessage when trying to launch MagicTune to
calibrate my SyncMaster 193P:

I've tried with MagicTune version 2.0, 2.5, 3.5 and 3.6.

I'm running Windows XP Pro (Service Pack 2) and the graphic adapter
is an ASUS N6600/TD (EN6600/TD/256M/A) with a GeForce 6600 Chip from
I'm using DVI between the monitor and the graphic adapter, and have
tried to use Analog, but it doesn't make any difference when
launching MagicTune.

I've olso tried to re-install Windows with only the GeForece drivers,
the 193P monitor driver and MagicTune, but MagicTune still won't

Any ideas to how I can solve this problem with MagicTune?

Alex T. / OZ1NE

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