Samsung ML-4500 Printer fails to pick paper

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I have had this Samsung ML-4500 for about 4 years, with little
trouble.  It has suddenly stopped picking up the paper.  I find
that I can press the loose (top) of the paper feed stack forward
and have it pick up, after which it feeds quite normally.  Opening
the unit up shows nothing adjustable.  There seems to be a flap
that moves forward to press the bottom of the feed sheets against a
pair of rollers to start things.  Cleaning those didn't help.

Does anybody know anything about this, or the URL for a service
manual?  The present toner cartridge is printing perfectly well,
and I have a spare, so this is no time for the mechanism to quit!

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Re: Samsung ML-4500 Printer fails to pick paper

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Rollers are worn out. You should be able to order replacements.

In a pinch I've been able to restore rollers with automotive brake fluid.
Apply it, let it sit for a few minutes, wipe off any remaining.

Re: Samsung ML-4500 Printer fails to pick paper

On Mon, 30 Jan 2006 07:47:42 GMT, "Noozer"

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I'd be very cautious about brake fluid- some rollers that
worked will be ruined by doing that as their purpose is to
grip, something brake fluid does not help at all.  For those
rollers, cleaning with a semi-abrasive cloth (like a paper
towel) with alcohol on it may do well.

We might be taking about different rollers though.

OP didn't mention other details such as does he hear the
rollers/gears/etc spinnning yet, trying to pick up the
sheet?  If not, or not all of them hear as they would once
the sheet is pushed forwards, it could be another problem
such as a roller tension spring broke, a plastic tab such a
spring hooks to broke, or a similar spring-or-tab problem
with the paper indicator switch.  Switch itself could be
broken instead but that seems less likely within only 4

Essentially if all else fails he might need strip it down
some to better examine the mechanisms involved.  Printers
are much harder to repair or get parts for (at least
cost-effectively given their lower prices) than they used to
be but with some ingenuity lots of things are possible.  I
still have an old HP Laserjet III that I actually whittled a
gear for when the old one stripped out, it lasted the 3
months it took for me to come upon a replacement gear of the
right specs (wasnt' looking for 3 months, just browse a lot
of misc hardware parts for other things and came upon a
source for it).

Re: Samsung ML-4500 Printer fails to pick paper

Apart from what Noozer said, you can also try cleaning the rollers with
a damp cloth. Give them a good scrub.

My old HP Deskjet 690-series model still does an adequate job of
printing cheapo drafts for my personal use despite being approximately
8 years old. It has the exact same problem you mention and doing the
above will buy you about 30 more pages before the rollers stop gripping
the paper again. :-)

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