same problem, but worse...

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I also have an Ultra X-connect 500 watt ps. Mine has the windows with
the nifty
lit up blue fan inside.

I have that same burning smell, but scariest of all, I
have a small
piece of plastic hanging from something atop the inside of the psu.
can't get an exact location on what its hanging from, but regardless,
doesnt inspire a lot of trust on the unit.

ive had mine for close to 3 weeks
before i noticed this. and yes, i
have quite a power hungry system (in my

Asus A8n-Deluxe mobo
AMD64 4000+ proc
Kingston Hyper-X 512x2 Memory
Geforce 6800GT (pci-e x16)
Pioneer DVD burner
A few random 40 gig hard drives
thrown in the mix

I have 4 case fans, and an exhaust fan that runs out of one
of the pci
slots. i keep my room at 69 degrees, and my system reports that my
case temp is 29 degrees celsius idle.

 Im just a little scared that my baby
will get fried by this psu.
Trash it? Keep it? what should i do? id appreciate
the help.


Re: same problem, but worse...

By using that failing PSU you risk ALSO burning out the motherboard and
other components along with the PSU.


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Re: same problem, but worse...

I was going to buy a X-Connect but I went with a 520W OCZ Modstream, a
little cheaper and a lot better. I know a couple people who have the
X-Connect and they seem to have more reservations about them then anything
else.  If you want the best PS out there that is almost fully modular get
the Antec NeoPower 480W.  I have heard nothing but praise about them.
However they are not sleeved so you have to do that yourself which isn't
difficult but can be a pain.

Re: same problem, but worse...

On Sat, 11 Jun 2005 02:25:31 -0500, (Brightbluepc)

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If the rear fan has sleeve-bearing (and you decide to keep
using the PSU), I'd replace that fan with a quality
name-brand dual ball bearing fan.  Exhaust fan failure is a
fairly common problem under heavily loaded PSU with poor
exhaust fan.

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"Piece of plastic" could be anything, a manufacturing
problem, a melted part, or an intentional design.  I've
heard that those may smell burnt for a SHORT time when new,
but after a few days at fair system load, this shouldn't be

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Take voltage readings of 12V, 5V, 3V, with a multimeter
through the back of the ATX and 4-pin/12V connectors with
system under load.

That is not comparable to better 500W PSU, more like a
median-grade 400W PSU, and yet the system could run from
such a PSU if it doesn't have some design problem- you could
always open it up (after leaving unplugged for a few minues)
and check the interior, though that might void your

Unfortuately, if it's just poor quality PSU rather than a
defect, you may get no relief from RMA warranty replacement-
money back often isn't an option.

Re: same problem, but worse...

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You know mine smells too and I havent even turned it on. It has a
really strong weird burned smell. It was one of the 4 PSes I got when
Compusa had a string of PS sales which they still continued in their
last last which had a 600 watt Maddog PS I think.

The Ultra X was sold for $39 after rebate probably because they are
making new ones maybe like the windowed units. Ive seen one post talk
about how they have heard of a few Ultra Xs dying after a few months
but he says overall many other people seem to like them and they are
sold at really high prices around 100 bucks I see on the net.

The reason I used my new maddog 500 watt to replace my antec 400 watt
which seemed a bit tired was because the Ultra X I got only had one
floppy power connection and I had to have at least two for my sata
converters which use them. Most PSes have two. You can buy adaptors
but around here they only sell them at Compusa for $17 and that seems
ridiculous for a simple plastic power plug adaptor.

Re: same problem, but worse...

On Sat, 11 Jun 2005 02:25:31 -0500, (Brightbluepc) wrote:

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What thread are you referring to?

I bought one of these too. I thought they looked slick and the
removable cables and the look of the cables with their black weave is
cool. It also feels pretty hefty and usually sells for a fair amount.

Heres a pic of the interior of one model

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