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This is the same laptop I just posted a hard drive problem with a couple od
days ago. An HP Mini 210 1U80NR.

I put in a new hard drive and the customer provided me with a Windows 7
installation CD. Everything went fine except for the display driver.

Windows update can't find it. HP support doesn't even list that model
number but led me to a bunch of other HP Mini 210 series. I randomly picked
a few of them and tried the drivers - none were compatible.

If you Google 1U80NR the only thing that comes up is a post I put in
alt.privacy.spyware about another laptop of the same model. I posted under
"Lil' Abner". Nothing to do with my driver problem but enough evidence to
show that there are at least two HP Mini 210 1U80NR(s) out there.

Am I reading it wrong? Look at

It's hard to believe that HP would make a laptop and that only a couple
years later it isn't listed in their support pages.

The only other hits I got were those stupid driver detective type sites.

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Re: Same laptop - different question

On 3/7/2011 1:50 AM, Menno Hershberger wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it
It appears from the jpg that the Model is 210-1080NR with part of the
top missing from the first zero.  Possibly scratched off from use or
just poorly inked in the first place.

The 1080NR model does exist on the HP drivers site at the long URL:

For what it's worth, Referencing the HP link at:

It appears that with your model ending in the two letters NR indicates
that it was part of a bulk purchase by a major outlet store or
distributor and not one of HP's off the shelf machines.

I'd try a driver from the above top link and see if that fixes things
for you.

Re: Same laptop - different question

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Uh oh. Yes, I think you're right and I think I actually tried that driver
already. But now I notice that the only options were for XP or Windows 7
32 bit. This Ultimate CD he gave me installed the 64 bit version. The
laptop originally had Starter Edition on it and it was no doubt 32 bit.
If the laptop was designed for 32 bit I'm surprised it even let me
install the 64 bit version.

The display options offer 800x600 and 1024x600. The display name is
"Mobile PC display" which must be some kind of generic drivers. And NOW I
went back into the device manager and see it has properly installed
"Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator 3150". Maybe it just needed a rest!
I got errors to the effect that the driver I was trying to install didn't
match the system or the hardware or something.

Thanks for helping me figure out the model number. I have started at it
again and it sure looks like the perfect "U". No signs of scratches or
anything. The other two zeroes are perfect.

Anyway, the problems seems to have solved itself!

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Re: Same laptop - different question

On 3/7/2011 2:50 AM, Menno Hershberger wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it
I believe the model is mini 210-1080NR. The top of the "U"
looks to me to be a damaged 0. Try here;

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