S-PVA monitor ?

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Doing research for a friend of mine who is a web designer
(but does have Usenet)

he currently has a large CRT monitor that is intermittant

and has been to a few stores to look at LCD monitors.

He claims that none of them come even close to rendering the fine detail
that he sees with his CRT.

No store he's been to has any S-PVA monitors
and he was thinking a Samsung 245T which is S-PVA might do the job...
but without actually seeing one...feels he'd be taking a risk if he
bought one on-line.

Anyone have any clues for what to look for in getting fine resolution specs?

Re: S-PVA monitor ?

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It should be quite easy for a TV repair shop to fix an intermittent fault,
it's probably just a solder joint u/s.

For fine resolution on LCD, the main criteria are the screen size and pixel
dimensions, e.g. 22-inch screen with a resolution of 1,680x1,050.  A bigger
screen of the same pixel dimensions may look less finely detailed to the
eye, as would another 22" with  lower pixel dimensions.  Another problem
with viewing monitors in a shop is that the PC's video resolution must be
set to the LCD monitor's native resolution or it will look fuzzy, this
doesn't matter with a CRT.  Will the shop have done this?  I bet some don't

Look on DPReview forums for what monitors photographers recommend.  I
believe it's some Dell models (look into the 2209WA) lately as they're IPS
panels which are usually best for colour accuracy and viewing angles. PVA
types are usually good as well, but ordinary common or garden TN panels'
main problem is vertical viewing angles.  Even if viewed straight on, the
top half looks a different contrast to the middle and bottom due to the
change in viewing angle.

Link to help find what type of panel a monitor has....
A generally handy link....   http://www.tftcentral.co.uk/selector.htm

Re: S-PVA monitor ?

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To save time I did not go into detail...but the monitor is really far
too old to justify taking to a shop

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Thanks for all the good info...I'll pass it along to him

Re: S-PVA monitor ?

philo wrote:
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The monitors in stores are a poor reflection of what you actually will see
at home.  Many of the setups I see are several monitors networked to a
single computer, oftentimes not at their native resolutions.

When you get them home and set them up properly is when you are able to see
what they are capable of.  Some people still like their CRTs, though, but
you can't go by what you see in the stores.


Re: S-PVA monitor ?

Jon Danniken wrote:
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Well, one day I needed to get a monitor ASAP as my GF's died

we just went over to the closest store and purchased the one that looked

At home it looked just as good.

Of course we paid more by purchasing it locally
but in this case at least it was worth it.

Her old monitor was still under partial warranty
and we got it back a few weeks later.

Then I finally got an LCD monitor of my own and cleared the big clunker
CRT off my desk!

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