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Hi all

Is there any difference/compatibility issue with hardware sourced elsewhere
in the world which could lead to compatibility issues with UK purchased

We have a Russian office and a guy out there is looking to buy a laptop and
bring it here for loading of UK OS and Office.



Re: Russian Hardware - English Software

On 04/24/2012 03:19 AM, TheScullster wrote:
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Laptops avail in Russia are pretty much the same laptops that are
available anywhere else in the world...the only possible hardware
difference would be whether or not it has a Cyrillic keyboard.
Also to consider: the language-version of the operating system


Re: Russian Hardware - English Software

"philo" wrote

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Thanks Philo

So what happens if you plug a UK USB keboard into a laptop with its own
cyrilic keyboard?


Re: Russian Hardware - English Software

TheScullster wrote:
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There is a control panel, of which one tab controls keyboard mapping.
In WinXP, it's in Regional and Language Options. You can have more than
one mapping in there.

When I got my Windows 7 laptop, it had both English Canadian
and French Canadian entries in the equivalent of that keyboard
setup thing. And the stupid laptop, would change from one option
to the other, while I was typing! To stop it, I had to remove
one of the options entirely, and then it didn't have any choice
but to stay with the English mapping.

I'd suspect, if you change physical keyboards in mid-stream, you'd
need to make a change to that setting (or use whatever hot-key causes it
to toggle, as mine seemed to be doing).


Windows 7 supports multiple languages. They mention Enterprise and Ultimate
as supporting Language Packs. So that would be a way to get two languages
supported on there.

Other than that, I think I'd want to talk to someone at Microsoft,
to see what their opinion is about "globe trotting" laptop options.
I don't know whether Windows Update would be too happy, to see
the same license key, calling in from two different countries.
Such a pattern might be interpreted as a compromised license key.


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