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I am looking to replace my Netgear WPNT834 router.  Is there any single
place on the internet that does router reviews for comparison purposes?
Also I am open to receiving recommendations from the users of this group.
Running computers with Windows XP Pro and Windows 7 Pro.  Would not be using
more than 3 computers on the router at a time.  Also the connection is

Brought to you from Anchorage, Alaska.

Re: Router Recommendations

On 4/21/2010 1:13 PM, Bill Bradshaw wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it has user reviews that I often find useful.  The comparisons,
though, are strictly manual.

Several years ago I had a netgear router that was often dropping
connections.  An asshole tech informed me that I shouldn't exect it to
work if the run from my modem was more than 50 feet.  That limitation,
and his attitude put them into the doghouse for a year.

I started buying Linksys, and have nothing particularly to complain
about. The BEFSR41v3 in my basement serves as many as a dozen computers
via switches and subordinate access points, without a hitch.  A WRT54G2
gives me wireless access, but I'm not using the gateway portion of the
router -- it's just an switch/access point.

My personal ban on Netgear has expired, but I just have had much reason
to user their products.  I do have a 5-port switch of theirs that I have
to periodically reset, but that might be one of the devices it's
directly attached to that's causing the problem.

It's a milquetoast sort of response, but I've barely had difficulties
with *any* of the networking equipment -- even the real budget stuff
like trendNET and TP-Link, so I would just rely on the reviews for
individual products.  I don't just mean the overall score, but read what
people have written and see if there's a pattern to the complaints.  If
it's not something you can live with, make a different choice.

Oh, almost forgot -- fuck Belkin.  Their recent escapade where they
paying for positive reviews left a sour taste in my mouth.  Add to that
their implications that it was just some rogue employee paying for those
reviews with company funds, *and* their unfulfilled promise to get to
the bottom of the deceit, has positively poisoned me.

Re: Router Recommendations

Bill Bradshaw wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

This site evaluates gear of one sort and another.,com_chart/Itemid,189 /

It has a "maximum number of connections" entry in the router chart, which
I presume is useful information for the BitTorrent crowd. BitTorrent
is the most likely application to really choke up a router. Other kinds
of usages aren't likely to tax any router.

If you have auper-high-speed Internet connection, then you'll definitely
want to check out thruput numbers. The 300KB/sec I get here right now,
wouldn't tax any box.

Stability of the processor core, is key to being satisfied with one. I
used to power cycle my Linksys a couple times a day, to knock some
sense into it. I bought that router, back when they were charging an
arm and a leg for them. I tried flash upgrading it a couple of times,
and it only got worse. After the last flash attempt, I decided it was
time to replace it. I bought a second router for 1/10th the price.
And I'm still using it. I won't name the company simply because there
is no way to predict whether you'll get a "lemon" or "pure gold".
Some products go through as many as five hardware revisions, four
of which could be losers. So once a unit goes out of production,
there is no point in naming it, since the essential qualities of
the next revision could be entirely different.

I just got a combined ADSL modem/router, a Speedtouch, and that gives
a nice example of what not to get. Assuming someone can build a
chipset that doesn't crash all the time, the rest of it is all
about the software running in the router. In the design of the unit
I got, the web interface to the unit is so dumb, even an AOL user
would hate it. They expect you to use a CLI (command line interface
via Telnet) to program it ? There are hundreds of commands to choose
from, and you must use half a dozen multi-parameter commands to do the
simplest of operations! So what I did, is just put the stupid chunk
of hardware in bridge mode, and just bypass all that crap. And rely
on my trusty $29.95 router to do all the heavy lifting.

The moral of my story is, you want to download the manual, and see
that it has a full featured web interface. One where it doesn't take
multiple commands to achieve the simplest objective. I couldn't believe
the Speedtouch approach when I received it. But that is what happens
when you use someone else's recommendation :-(


Re: Router Recommendations

Quoted text here. Click to load it

CNET has some decent router reviews: =

Tim Mastrogiacomo

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