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There is no doubt I need a new router. It's an old Linksys four port and  
not worth fooling with since I really want to replace it with an 8 port)
  At least twice a month there is no connectivity and all I have to do  
is toggle the power.

Today something happened that I just plain don't understand.

With some browsers I could not get to Google, but I could go to other  
websites  (Firefox and Vivaldi)...

but not all browsers were affected  (Maxthon and Brave browser)

Really...what the heck is this?

Once I toggled the power all was fine.

Re: Router problem

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I use Pale Moon, a better browser.

I have a four port Intel Gigabit PCI-e adapter on order from China. When I  
get it, I'll let you know if it  is better than a router/switch. I connect  
to Internet using a $14 16 element Yagi 2.4 GHz antenna from China. Works  
fine at 72 MBps over 1000'. It is the downstream stuff where I have problems  
like you. I save a huge bundle of money, with which I can compete with the  
cartel service deniers and buy more hardware. Likewise, I get my UHF HDTV  
from across the Salish Sea, using an 11 element log-periodic, $20 from  
Israel. I've learned so much that now I am a licensed ham and am into  
antenna industrial espionage with Irkutsk, Russia. I can boast openly  
because antennas do not permit NSA to connect anonymous usenet with  

Re: Router problem

On 05/10/2016 02:59 PM, Norm X wrote:
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I know it's good but I finally figured out the add-on that was causing  
my Firefox problem and removed it. I use Ubuntu and it was a  
Ubunutu-specific add on
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As to buying from China, I do that all the time.

I do a lot of computer work and to my surprise ran out of CMOS batteries  
one day. Figured I'd waste a couple of bucks and run over to the nearby  
drugstore.  No way.

They were $7 each, so I ordered from China

I think they were something like $2.50 for a pack of 12...and that  
included postage!!!!

The only problem I had was once ordering a bunch of RAM and ending up  
with one $3 stick that was defective.

It was too little money to even worry about.

Then I got an email to rate the transaction so I just gave it a "neutral."

The vendor freaked out, apologized and refunded me the $3 at once and  
begged me to change the rating to "good."  So what the heck, I did.

Bottom line:I still don't know what kind of a glitch would cause the  
problem I described.

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Re: Router problem

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It is worth noting that a router is of necessity, a hub. That may or may not  
be of importance, depending of how many clients. I have already become  
disappointed with my Ethernet switch. From eBay, I ordered a "NEW Intel  
I350-T4 PCI-Express PCI-E Four RJ45 Gigabit Ports Server Adapter NIC". From  

You can read the specs. It is neither a hub nor a switch but a hardware  
server that reorders packets for optimal performance.  

Re: Router problem

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Maybe Philo would be interested in my latest results. I was unable to use  
the I350-T4 that I ordered from eBay. It was PCI-e and I only has a PCI slot  
available. I guess the bus-bandwith of PCI-e is much greater than PCI. Then,  
I purchased a one port PCI Ethernet adapter with a Realtek 8139D(?) chip. I  
was pleasantly surprised. It is a much better device than the old nVidia GBE  
controller. I worked flawlessly with my 3 PCs attached to an Ethernet  
switch. On the other hand, the nVidia controller never worked well at 1000  
Mbps, so I dedicated the nVidia Ethernet controller to my Xbox 360  
(100Mbps). In addition, I used cat6 Ethernet cable all around. The best  
surprise came when I upgrade to Windows-10. I leaned form my first failed  
attempt. I gave the controller program some hints regarding IPv6. After  
upgrade was complete Win10 was set up for IPv4 and IPv6 and PCs on the  
switch were now all dual IPv4/IPv6.

Microsoft gives you your own IPv6 address(es) and IPv6 gateway. A ping of  
the IPv6 gateway shows it is faster than the IPv4 gateway (on the router at  
1000'). Microsoft's IPv6 is installed in PC. Running IPv6 benchmarks shows  
that the IPv6 download speed from Nigeria just screams.

Good news, update and get a nice surprise. The four port I350-T4 is capable  
of (10,100 Mbps) 1, 10 and 40 Gbps. It should provide nice service to a  
power user.

 for specs.

 This item is a PCI-e, 4 port Gigabit Ethernet adapter. When I received it,  
I realized I had only one PCI-e slot, occupied by my GPU which I needed.  
This Ethernet adapter is autospeed and supports even 10 and 40 Gbps, for  
which you will need more advanced cat6 Ethernet cable. This server adapter  

this item comes in a brown box but includes Intel Software Versions 18.3 and  
 If interested, please reply with phone number. New unused.

Re: Router problem

On Tue, 10 May 2016 12:59:41 -0700, Norm X wrote:

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"better", it says...


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