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At times my wireless computer will not acknowledge my router even though it
is functioning.  I need to pull the electrical cord and then reattach.
This happens frequently.  I have put in a new router and still the same
problem.  I am told it could be my 2.4Mhz phone causing interference or
"external radio wave interference."  Any suggestions on the problem and
how to correct it.  Frustrating.

Re: Router "not available"

Does this occur even when you are close to the router? Is it possible
that you are simply just-far-enough out of range? What is your signal
strength like when it's working?

If it truly is a radio interference problem, you should either consider
getting a new phone that operates in a different range than 2.4GHz *OR*
get an 802.11a router (assuming you have an 802.11a NIC). 802.11a works
in the 5GHz range so it won't have conflicts with anything in 2.4GHz.

I doubt it's a conflict with your phone. I'm guessing it's a conflict
with the power received at your NIC. Consider geting a better antenna
for your NIC and/or a better antenna for your router. If your computer
is a desktop computer always in one place, you can put directional
antennas at both your computer and your NIC and point them at each
other. If that's not the case, you can still get antennas with better
omnidirectional gain in one or both places (NIC or router).

Additionally, if you have assigned your computer a static IP, if your
router has the ability to keep track of static IPs, you may want to add
your computer's MAC address and IP to its table. Many routers do not
automatically update their internal ARP tables from what they "learn" on
the network. If you don't explicitly put your static IP's in the router,
it won't allow the ARP table to get updated with that IP. This can cause
sporadic losses of communication (especially between two computers on
the network).


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Re: Router "not available"

On Thu, 22 Dec 2005 02:14:00 -0500, "Padone"

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The plug on the router, or computer?
If router, might be crashing, feel it to see if it's running
hot.  Might be burst (or otherwise worn out, due to running
hot long-term) capacitors, or the power supply itself is
going out.  Seems curious that it happens with another
router too, but if you used the same flaky power supply with
both, or both are same (or similar enough, many different
wifi routers of different brands or casing design are very
similar under the hood) then use in same environment could
subject both to same overheat condition.  We can't know if
you have it under a stack of stuff in a corner or out in the
open on it's end...

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Are you always using the phone when this happens?

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External interference would have to be rather strong for it
to effect it on all channels- do you have a wireless
keyboard or mouse using 2.4GHz, or are there several other
wifi spots within 300 feet?  Have you tried other channels
(should be a config in the router)?

If it won't even work with the router right next to the
system then it's doubtful to be interference unless you have
an unusual environment.  

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