Router D-link 614+ sometimes disconnect and reconnect itself

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I have this router well configured but sometimes the icon in windows
system tray says connectivity limited or absent and after some
again connected, 100 Mbps. This behaviour happens quite frequently
resets any connection, for example Windows Messanger (I have to
manually reconnect). Why?
This router is connected in uplink to Fastweb HUG device (the device
cominig from the fiber cable network).
I use Win XP Pro.

Re: Router D-link 614+ sometimes disconnect and reconnect itself

On Sat, 13 Oct 2007 03:48:24 -0700, Frank

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Forget about the uplink to the Fastweb ****, because the
windows icon only corresponds to link quality between the PC
and the router.

You have either a bad network cable, an overheating router,
a router with bad capacitors, bad firmware, or some other
less common issue.

Some things are more easily troubleshot without spending
money or much time.  For example opening the router case,
examinging the capacitors, and leaving it open will tend to
address the heat and capacitor issues, though frankly for
any router of semi-recent vintage if there is no heatsink on
the network processor I go ahead and add one.  It's sad in a
way, that manufacturers are THAT stingy.  I can't know for
sure you have overheating problems, but on router I added
heatsinks to (all of them), their heatsinks all got quite
warm suggesting it was the prudent/conservative thing to do.

In some cases, if I hadn't the 'sinks and epoxy, I'd have
just returned the product, but sadly sometimes that's more
of a hassle when you don't even know if the alternative
product will be ok or have the same issue.  IMO, ALL modern
higher density network processors should have a heatsink on
them unless only operated in extremely cold ambient

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