Rotating/interchanging toner/drums?

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Is it possible to remove a partially emptied toner/drum from a B&W
laser printer, put in a new one and use that for a while, reinsert the
old one for a while, and then change to the new one again?   Etc.  

This is an old Samsung ML-4500 printer, which was printing too light,
but consistently, I thought, across the whole page.   You guys
suggested and the manual said the reason was a worn-out drum.  The new
drum came with toner too -- great -- but since I've only been printing
crossword puzzles, I kept using the old one.  The printing is light,
but it doesn't seem to be getting any dimmer.  (I can read the clues
and clue numbers.  Once in a while I have to use a magnifying glass to
read the numbers within the puzzle, because they are so light. )

Now I finally want to print something important, a long pdf text off
of the web, and the first couple pages seem even lighter than
yesterday's crossword puzzle.   Probably because of the fonts that are

So I want to use the new drum, but does that mean that the old
drum/toner is kaput?   I can't save it and put it back, to use up the
unused toner?   And if I did do that, taking out the new drum before
it's empty would ruin it??? Even if I do all the drum changing in the
dark with just a tiny flashlight, and even if I keep the old drum in
the heavy bag the new drum comes in, in the box, in another dark bag,
in the closet?    Is there a door on the opening where the toner comes
out, or can I keep the opening pointing up so the toner doesn't fall

BTW, the printer has a setting for darker vs. lighter (for drafts),
but it's been on darker all this time and a long time before I first

P.S. I tried printing it a second time on the same sheet of paper.  It
actually came out perfect on the right-hand side, the second quarter
of the page starting from the top.   But the rest was a double image,
in some places enough to make one think he'd been hit on the head by a
baseball bat.   I thought the odds were it wouldn't work well, but I'm
surprised the good part was in the middle.  

Re: Rotating/interchanging toner/drums?

On 4/27/2016 8:19 AM, Micky wrote:
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Yes you can swap the toner/drum around like you want to.

Unlike inkjet printers, laser printers use a dry powder that gets heated  
in order for it to stick to the paper.

However on some models it can get messy, that dry powder can get all  
over the place if you are not careful.  You want to keep the offline  
toner/drum in something like a garbage bag until you need it again.
Try to keep the toner/drum in the same orientation as it is when it is  
in the printer in order to help reduce the amount of spilled toner.

Also some of the drums can be damaged if exposed to extreme light for  
too long, possibly that is why all the new or refilled toner/drums I've  
encountered are encased in a plastic bag that does not pass light.  With  
that in mind try to keep the offline toner/cartridge in a black plastic  
bag rather than a clear one.

Re: Rotating/interchanging toner/drums?

[Default] On Wed, 27 Apr 2016 11:28:04 -0500, in
microsoft.public.windowsxp.general GlowingBlueMist

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Wow.  Somehow I was sure the answer would be no.  

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That I knew, but I still thought it was no.  
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Yes, this new one is in a heavy black plastic bag, which I haven't
opened yet.  

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I save my clear bags for things I've bought and haven't used yet. When
I leave things I buy in solid color bags, I can't find them later.  

I haven't done it lately, but on one occasion with a 35mm camera, it
was so cold out my fingers were almost numb and I cranked the crank
and ripped the film out of its little cartridge.   I went into a
closet, put my coat around the camera, and put my arms up the sleeves
of the coat, to make it dark enough to open the camera and take the
film out.   A couple other times I had to do something similar.


I'll try to upgrade to windows 8 before I do all this.  

Re: Rotating/interchanging toner/drums?

Micky wrote:
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This is an example of a product, where the print cartridge
comes apart in two pieces. The drum can be replaced
separate from the toner.

    "When replacing a photoconductor kit, do not leave the new
     photoconductor kit exposed to direct light, especially sunlight,
     for an extended period of time. Extended light exposure can cause
     print quality problems."

    "The photoconductor kit typically lasts for up to 30,000 letter-size pages
    (at approximately 5% coverage)."

So that gives you some idea how long it lasts, if you don't
leave the drum lying in direct sunlight.

It doesn't mean going into the coat closet, and doing the surgery
under infrared light. Just use a reasonable amount of
haste when doing the work (no coffee break), then mount
the new toner in the printer, where the direct sunlight
cannot get at it.

Some toner cartridge designs with integrated drums, have
a shutter, and the shutter prevents scratches as well
as reducing the light intensity seen by the drum. But
the shutter is far from light-tight, so you wouldn't
leave those inverted on a window-sill either.

When you buy a refilled cartridge, you have no idea
what page count is already on the thing. Which is
why the prints could appear faded. It would take
an ethical supplier who does test prints, to ensure
product quality before shipment. Just because the
drum is not scratched, doesn't mean it isn't worn out.
They should do some sort of test to prove it is in
good shape.

The idea of using the foil/plastic bag, is
for "bad storage situations", where the manufacturer
attempts to maintain product quality while in storage.
Like, a stockroom with direct sunlight exposure,
replacement carts left sitting on a shelf, that
sort of stuff. On a recycled cartridge, if they
use a foil/plastic bag, the drum could already
be worn out and faded, so the protective bag is
rather a joke at that point.


Re: Rotating/interchanging toner/drums?

[Default] On Wed, 27 Apr 2016 17:02:47 -0400, in

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It would take me about 150 years to do 30,000 pages.  
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So I had a reason for thinking that.  That's good.  

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No, I'm still using the original cartridge and the original drum.   A
friend gave it to me, but I don't know how much he used it.  I'm
almost certain the print used to be darker.  

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I think this is a new one, Samsung brand.  I'll know more, maybe, when
I actually open the bag, but by then it will be too late to complain
to the vendor.  Still it's probably fine.  I've only been cheated a
small number of times, and never on ebay.  

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I hope it's new.  Thanks.  

Of course if it is new, I'll have to live longer than I planned.  

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Re: Rotating/interchanging toner/drums?

[Default] On Wed, 27 Apr 2016 21:48:17 -0400, in
microsoft.public.windowsxp.general Micky

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But it turns out Samsung says a cartridge for this printer only lasts
3500 pages.  That's about 17 years for me.   Ugh.  That means just
when I'm on death's door, I'll have to buy a new printer, or at least
a cartridge.  
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So that's good; I don't have to live longer than I really can.  

Re: Rotating/interchanging toner/drums?

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Be careful.
The cartridge is chipped which means that the printer knows which cartridge is  
in the machine. I do not know whether the printer will work with the old  
cartrdige once the new one is used. With much older printers the answer was yes  
it would work, with newer printers the answer is yes it probably will work. You  
will need to try I'm afraid.

Re: Rotating/interchanging toner/drums?

[Default] On Wed, 27 Apr 2016 16:09:23 -0500, in
microsoft.public.windowsxp.general Tony <lizandtony at orcon dot net
dot nz> wrote:

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The printer is from about 2000.  That's before chips, right?  

Re: Rotating/interchanging toner/drums?

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No there were a few then with chips and see

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