Right angle sata plugs

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I ordered some of these. One thing for people who havent thought of
the obvious problems which for many probably seem - well obvious. All
the ones Ive seen are right angled on both ends.

My case the super landboy antec , I need them cause my hard disks are
installed sideways. The case is wider to accomdate the HDs but with
the sata to pata converters on the back of the HDs combined with the
long almost one inch end plugs on the sata cables -- the side panel
really doesnt fit on the case unless you force it which damages the
cables ends.

The right angle solves the problem somewhat. They insert sideways into
my sata converters towards the right , I wish they were to the left
but thats not a big deal. The slightly big deal though is --- the
other end that goes into the MB is right angled too.  Most of the
boards Ive seen have closely spaced SATA plugs in the MB so the right
angled plugs get in the way of the other plugs.

I dont need all my SATA plugs so I was able to leave the ones next to
the right angled plugs empty but if you end up buying them it could
cause a problem for some buyers. I guess the perfect plug would be one
with a straight end for the MB and a right angle for HD end.

The straight ended sata cables i have also are pretty crappy --- the
one I took apart. The one that seemed flakey I took apart I noticed
has about a qtr inch of bare wire inside the hard plastic case at the
end of the cable. About 7 bare wires  protruding from the vinyl
covered cable hanging in thin air inside the plug case. The ends are
soldered onto some metal leads at the end of the plug. Some of wire is
too long and actually loops and touches the bare wire next to it and
one of the wires had come off the lead it was soldered to. It was
probably caused by my case side panel pushing down on the end of the
sata cable but this seems like a really cheesy design. I wonder if all
the cables are made this way?  I think I got these cables  bundled
with my old ASUS. I changed them all to the cables I got with
chaintech which I hadnt used before.

Re: Right angle sata plugs

JohnS@Hawaii.rr.com wrote:

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For the 90 degree connectors, there are right-angle and left-angle
connectors. At least according to this web site.


There are a few more pictures here:



Re: Right angle sata plugs

On Thu, 04 May 2006 07:12:10 GMT, nospam@needed.com (Paul) wrote:

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Yeah these are what I should have bought - straight on one end and
bent on the other. Cheap too. Only thing is shipping. Everytime they
dont mention it to where Im at it tends to be really high.

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