RF-ID tag has changed

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I have an IBM 300PL computer that is about 10 years old (as best as I
can remember). I turn it on only occasionally - maybe once every 2-3

When I turned it on today, I got the following message:

The RF-ID tag has changed.
184 Asset control antenna not detected.
The system has been tampered with.
Turn power to your system off and then on.
Your system is now locked.

I turned the power off and then back on again and it booted up
normally. I did the work I needed to do with no problems. I then shut
the unit down and re-started it. Again, no problems.

So, what the heck was that all about???

Was this a legitimate message? Is there really some kind of an RF-ID
tag inside this thing? What do I need to fix or replace before it
really does die?

I did some Google searching but didn't come up with much. One thing
said something about replacing the CMOS battery. A couple of others
said the mother board would need to be replaced. I would think on a
computer this old that wouldn't be very feasible.

I'd like to keep this thing going for a few more years - again, just
for occasional use.

Any recommendations?

Re: RF-ID tag has changed

Martin wrote:
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It sounds like a remnant of some business operation's IT equipment work
station security system. Did you acquire the system from a used
equipment dealer or other source that you wouldn't expect new equipment

Re: RF-ID tag has changed

Martin wrote:
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Try searching for  IBM 300PL error 176

  >One thing
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