Rewiring monitor (AOC LM720a) cable - advice needed

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Wayne Stallwood Wrote:
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O.K.  I've finally got back round to looking at this as I've finally
got my hands on a power supply to test the thing with.  It turns out
there was a broken solder joint on the PCB the power input is part of,
once I sorted that I tested the monitor.  It all looks good so far, I
get the cable not connected message and the screen appears OK (I didn't
notice any bright/dead pixels etc.)

So I took a deeper look inside the monitor, as I think I need a bit
more help other than that article.

I thought I was in luck as I found another AOC monitor (model above
mine) on eBay that was faulty and as the VGA lead has a plug connecting
it to the PCB inside the monitor I was hoping I could swap them.
Unfortunately things didn't go my way on eBay and the monitor went way
above what I'd pay for a faulty monitor, so I'm back to asking for

I took two pictures of the board and the VGA connector, which can be
found at the following links (note the images are high resolution and
about 2Mb each):

So now I'd like a little help.

If anyone knows where I could find a replacement VGA cable with the
same plug (I doubt it, but worth asking) then that would be fantastic.

Otherwise, could someone guide me with what the wires are on that plug,
so I can add a VGA connector to the other end of the cable.  

Top to bottom in pictures they a

Thin Black
Thin Purple
Thin Brown
Thin Orange
Thin Yellow
Thin Green
Thin Red
Thick Black
Thick Light Blue
Thick Black
Thick Beige
Thick Black
Thick Pink
Thin Bright Blue

At the other end of the cable there are 3 thick ones that have a
silvery wrapping around them, I'm guessing these are the 3 thick black
ones and that each one is a ground (RGB ground?).

Any help would greatly be appreciated.



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