Restoring CM Stacker 820

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Greetings to all,

I have a "server room" (well...) with multiple machines, old and
inaccurate list (missing major PC upgrade and several Suns -> ).

The reason for quotation mark on server room is, naturally, this

and as of now, it is something in between. :)

Nevertheless, it consumes too much energy and spatial resources, so I am
to replace everything in that room (with appropriate placing of
comestibles and vinery products, naturally) with a much stronger machine
based on Tyan Toledo i3210W, C2D CPU, several GB RAM, several TB SATA
storage, etc.

The case I currently have for that errand is CM Stacker 820.
Unfortunately, it is stacked with optical devices (4 of them) and I have,
naturally, lost the proprietary brackets. Furthermore, I need to place 6
drives inside, so I would one more 4in3 case for that purpose.

So, basically, my question - is there a shop (perhaps even EBay, but I
found no traces of such things there) that could ship that to Croatia and
the aggregated price including shipping wouldn't be more than 100$? It is
impossible to find those things in Croatia, so I am forced to order it
online, but have no clue where to look. Are those parts even mentioned as
"spare parts" from CM, or I have to get lucky to find them?


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Re: Restoring CM Stacker 820

Ako sam te dobro razumeo tebi trebaju vodjice za cd-dvd drajvove za novo
kuciste? Da li su u odgovarajucem slotu?

Boba Vankufer
Pisi hrvatski da te ceo svet razume

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Re: Restoring CM Stacker 820

Bubba wrote:
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I see the problem

you will need to drink up all that wine so you can have more room for
storing computers.

There might be a few here who will help you <G>

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