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I have an HP Pavilion Slimline with a bad 500Gb hard drive.

I have a new 600Gb drive ready to install.

Using Acronis, I cannot clone the drive due to bad sectors, even using the
ignore option.

However, I slaved the drive and have been able to copy all the important
data to an external drive.

I went back to Acronis and was able to make a disk image of the restore
partition. It wouldn't do an image of the main partition due to the bad

If I went through the effort to partition the new 600Gb drive into two
partitions, say 580 and 20 or so, and restored the disk image of the
restore partition to the small partition on the new drive, would there be
any way in hell I'd be able to access it?

Otherwise I'll have to try and get a restore CD or DVD out of HP.

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Re: Restore partition question

On 6/4/2011 7:20 PM, Menno Hershberger wrote:
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That's absolutely worth trying.

If booting from the recovery partition is a function of your BIOS, it
might just work straight away.  Otherwise, you can probably set the
recovery partition's boot flat, with something like Parted Magic, and
get it to start up.

Re: Restore partition question

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We decided to go with a restore DVD on that one.

But I ran into a similar situation today. In this case I was able to
clone the whole drive to a new one, although the main Windows partition
had soe bad sectores in it. This was Windows 7. The cloned drive would
not boot to the restore partition... couldn't find it.

So I remembered a real old trick. I have an external floppy drive. I put
a Windows 98 startup disk in and booted with that. Then I used FDISK to
change the active partition to the recovery partition. Voila! I rebooted
and it went directly to recovery. I'm sure there's more modern tools I
could have done that with, but it worked. That's all that counts. :-)

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