Reset, Power and HDD LED's problem

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Hi all,

I am a newbie of computer hardware and have bought ASUS P4S800-MX
The case is a 2 years old computer case and I haven't put any memory on
the board yet.

After I finished connecting the Reset, Power and HDD LED's, I can not
swith on my computer and there are no LED on at all. The monitor is
blank. The light on the motherboard is on when I connected the power
supply and the only way I can stop my computer is to discoonect the
power supply.

I can not show the picture, but this is what it looks like.

OOOO   (The first two OO are POWER LED) (The last two OO are ATX Power
OOOOO (The first two OO are IDE_LED) (The last two OO are Reset Swith)

I have 4 things from the front panle of my old case.

A PLED1 (3 pins)
A Power swith (2 pins)
A HDD LED (2 pins)
A Re-set LED (2 pins)

Can anyone please tell me how to solve this problem and whether there
is a positive or ground of the 2 pins, does the direction matters?

Thanks a lot.

Re: Reset, Power and HDD LED's problem

On Sun, 07 Aug 2005 20:25:25 -0700, Richard wrote:

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many boards require RAM to be installed
to get anything to work.

(i'm assuming you do have the cpu and cooler installed)

Re: Reset, Power and HDD LED's problem


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Likely your power LED is a dual-color.  You need to look at
the wires going to the LED and connect either one of the
outer wires to the positive, + motherboard pin for power
led, and the center LED wire is ground.  

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Orientation of these two wires does not matter, they can go
either way so long as they are on the correct two pins.  I
recommend that you first connect ONLY the power switch as it
is the only thing needed to get the system working.  After
you get the system running you can then proceed to hook up
the other front panel connections.

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The positive lead is "usually" a lighter colored wire, it
goes to the anode inside the LED which (if you can see into
the LED) is the smaller, thinner of the two structures
inside.  The negative is then of course, "usually" the
darker wire and goes to the larger structure in the LED, the
cathode which terminated (inside the LED) in a dish-like

Don't worry about connecting it in reverse- it would simply
not light up then, it will not damage it to be connected
backwards.  if connected backwards simply power off and flip
the plug over to correct it.  The same goes for the power
LED too, but since it has 3 wires it might be easier to look
at the wires where they connect to the LED first.

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It will work in either orientation like the power switch.  

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Since your power LED plug has 3 positions on it but only two
pins, leave the unoccupied pin socket position hanging over
to the left of the pin header.  If desired you could instead
take a razor blade or similar and remove the wire from that
power LED socket then trim off the (then empty) position in
it such that it only has two positions remaining, but it
usually isnt' necessary from a clearance-perspective.

Re: Reset, Power and HDD LED's problem

Thank you so much for all your help, it works now.

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