Requesting feedback for my Planned Rig

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Hi guys just going to list what I'm going for, please note any
complications or
if something conflicts

Case: Antec Aria NSK1380
PSU: Built in "80PLUS 350w genuine Antec power supply" (An Issue for
CPU: E7400 (65W)
MB: ASUS P5KPL-CM (uATX FF) so it will fit the case.
RAM: 3gb 800 DDR2 Kingston
GPU: 512 ASUS 4670 (apparently has 400W as recommended but my PC watt
usage is
going to be manageable i hope)
Some ppl have noted that i can bump this to a 9800GTX+ or a 9800GT tho
i think
it requires alot more Watts.
DVD: My old LiteOn DVD
Monitor: My old Acer 17" LCD

So basically I think the issue for me is the the power supply, whether
it will
support the graphics card i chosen.

Many Thanks!

Re: Requesting feedback for my Planned Rig

seraphy wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it
Though the 350 watt supply will probably work...
it's always better to err on the side of caution
If a 400watt PSU is recommened then I'd get one...
I can't imagine there could be enough of a price difference that you'd
have to think about it

Re: Requesting feedback for my Planned Rig

seraphy wrote:
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The HD 4670 is 47.1W flat out in 3D mode.

The 9800 GTX+ uses a 55nm GPU and reduced power somewhat (compared to the
previous one). 80.2W in 3D mode.

The NSK1380 power supply is pictured here.

3.3V @ 20A, 5V @ 20A, 12V1 @ 18A, 12V2 @ 18A, -12V @ 0.8A, +5VSB @ 2.0A
<----- 110W max --->  <----- 300W max ----->
<---------------- 350W max ------------------------------------------->

Your processor would be on 12V2. 65W processor from a 90% efficient Vcore
takes 65/0.9 = 72.2W. 72.2W/12V = 6A, so not even close to the 18A limit.

72.2W from 300W max, gives 227.8W. 227.8/12=18.98 amps, so you aren't
constrained by the 300W limit on the combined 12V rails. That means 12V1
is available for the rest of the 12V loads to the max of 18A.

The loads on 12V1 are:

0.6A (hard drive)
1.5A (DVD - while media is present and spinning)
0.5A (some juice for fans)
???  (video card)
----  ----------
<18A  Total must be less than 18A.

18 - 2.6 = 15.4, the 80.2W video card is approx 80.2W/12V = 6.7A, so
there is margin there. You have 9 amps left over. (The Xbitlabs page
for 9800 GTX+ notes the card draws about 77W from +12V and about 3W from 3.3V.
So I  should have used 77 there, but didn't want to confuse things

I don't think there'll be a problem with power.

If you get too powerful a video card though, the box might
start to get warm :-) So some consideration should go into
where the video card dumps its heat, and whether the vents
and fan on the case do a good job of removing it. Check the
reviews on Newegg for your computer case, and see if there
are any complaints about overheating.

A separate calc should be done for total system power, to
check the 350W limit. 50W is my best guess for motherboard
plus RAM, because frequently there isn't data available
to do the arithmetic.

72.2W processor (at Vcore input terminals)
80.2W video
13W   hard drive
25W   DVD
50W   mobo chipset and RAM, total allocation
10W   5VSB USB devices or standby current
  6W   fans
---   ----
256.4W   [no problemo]

If you're going to overclock some part of the
system, then include that effect in the calculation.

Also, if you're going with a power hungry video card,
you're going to need PCI Express auxiliary power connectors.
A low power card uses zero of them, and draws all power
from the PCI Express slot connector. A moderate power
card will have a 2x3 power connector on the end of the video
card. A high end video card can use two connectors of some
description. You'll need an adapter, if the Antec supply
doesn't have the needed connector.

(Example of an adapter. You can use two connectors on the
same disk drive cable to power one of these. Check the
video card description, as they might even throw a
crappy one in the box.)


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