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Can you specialists help me choose a monitor please.

It's time to replace my glass tube CRT. I use a really old 17
inch monitor made by DEC back in 1999!  To its credit it was
noticeably better than average for its day as it was made for
commerical office use. I have it set to 1152 x 864 at 72 Hz.

A few years ago I looked at getting a flat screen. I got put off
because I saw some 17 inch flat screen monitors had punchy
contrast and brightness but seemed to have a coarse screen
resolution. Then I read how colour rendering on some flat screens
was poorer than on a CRT. Finally I saw power savings from flat
screens were not as great as I thought. So I kept the CRT but now
it's time to move on!

Can you help me narrow down what sort of flat screen to get.

It's for home office use. Not used for games. I don't need
leading edge stuff.

Price is a major factor but I don't want to pay a low price and
get poor value (if you see what I mean).

I'll be replacing the system unit itself soon.

What size and type of screen are currently in the "sweet spot"
where price/performance is particularly good?  

I'm in the UK so deals in the US are not available to me.

What sort of must-have specification should I be looking for?

Re: Request help to choose a new monitor

Petey wrote:

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look on the internet and then when you find what you are looking for go and
find it in the shop and play with it. Don't by one off the internet until
you see what you are getting.

i would suggest a lcd monitor with a dvi connection. If you are getting a
new system. get the knew system first.

Re: Request help to choose a new monitor

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Re: Request help to choose a new monitor

Petey wrote:
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I don't know what price range you want to spend within, but I've been using
this one for a year now, and I'm very happy with it:


Re: Request help to choose a new monitor

Jon Danniken wrote:
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I have been buying monitors since 1985. Many of them were very poor - 3
lasted a little more than the guarantee period of a year - they
gradually went fuzzy. Some lasted about 3 years and then either fuzzy or

The best one by far that I have bought is a 17" Sony LCD and I have had
it for 3 years. It has given no problems and is as sharp as when I
bought it. For many years now I have also bought Sony products like
floppy drives, CD burners, etc. I have never regretted a single Sony
purchase. Having written all that, I assure you that I have no
connection with the company.

Re: Request help to choose a new monitor


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LCD monitors don't get fuzzy though, unlike lesser CRTs from
years past, unless a *new* cabling problem is introduced.
I've also had many CRTs over the years, some I wish lasted
longer than they did and some didn't, but one thing is for
certain the typical LCD has a shorter maximum lifespan than
CRTs if you get one with CCFL instead of LED backlighting.

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