Replacing SCSI RAID 1 drives

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Has any one experience about the following situation, where two SCSI drives
should be replaced by similar new drives. The system configuration  is:
- IBM X206 server model: 8482-3MG, 3 hot swap bays (2 in use)
- AIC-7901 SCSI RAID controller
- Two U320 SCSI disks(73 gb)
- Defined RAID 1 Array for these 2 disks
- Op. sys Windows Server 2003

New disks have already been purchased.. The old ones have been in use for
over 4 years, so the oper. hours are appr. 35 000.

I'm uncertain, if I could replace the disks as hot swap,  I mean that just
replace one, and then wait that RAID 1 re-mirrroing has been performed and
then replace the second one in the same way?

Any comments or suggestions?

Kaj B.

Re: Replacing SCSI RAID 1 drives

On Mon, 4 May 2009 11:51:43 +0300, "kajBre"

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Assuming hot swapping and rebuilding works properly as it
should, and also assuming the drives you buy to replace the
old ones are either the same capacity or you can accept loss
of the addt'l capacity since they will need to be the same
size logical volumes, yes you can try hot swapping them.

However, there may be another way you might want to try
first.  Install one drive, leaving it as a single drive
span, partitioned and formatted.  Next copy the contents of
the array to it.

Next unplug the array, plug in the 2nd new drive, and
reassign the drive holding the data as the source drive in a
new RAID1 array you define.   I am assuming the controller
bios allows setting it as a source and member of a new array
without wiping out the contents but it may depend on which
setting you use to designate it as such, then after
assigning the second drive as a member it should rebuild
onto the second drive.

The nice thing about doing it this way is you leave the
original array untouched (just unplugged though in theory
even unplugging it should be unnecessary but with only the
new drives connected at the point of making the new array
the variables are fewer which is usually good), until you
can confirm the new one is working properly.

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