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Re: Replacing power supply - what type?

larry moe 'n curly wrote:
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Thanks for the links. I actually found that site just after I posted my
message and have been reading about this. Excellent site!

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The NeoHE has received some mixed/mediocre comments from NewEgg users.
Perhaps that was the earlier version and the A3 revision is more

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The PSUs do. But the computer cases differ in this arrangement. I
looked at all of my tower cases and half of them have the offset screw
hole (the one that isn't in the corner) located on the top left-hand
side, and the other half have it on the lower right hand side. The PC
in question right now has the latter so I'm looking for a more
traditional PSU with the fan in back to work with this case.

OTOH, I'm considering completely disassembling two systems and swapping
cases so as to facilitate the 12cm PSU for this system. :-)
To be honest, I just got this system and I'm still deciding what I'm
going to do with it.

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If I went with the 12cm down fan type PSU in this system there would be
about 1/2" clearance between the SIDE of the CPU HSF and the BOTTOM of
the PSU. In other words, the fans would be at right angles to one
another, not parallel. The CPU fan is pushing air down onto the CPU
heatsink and the PSU fan would be sucking air up from the SIDE of the
CPU heatsink. So I don't know if that's a problem or not. I'm thinking
it might actually help and not hurt.

Re: Replacing power supply - what type?

toronado455 wrote:
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The A3 redesign is supposed to be one of the newest revisions and
solves the problem of its voltages dropping when certain mobos go into
power-saving mode and don't draw enough power to let older NeoHEs
regulate their voltages properly. This can damage the switching voltage
regulators on mobos by making them overcompensate for the low voltage
(why regulators and PSUs are supposed to have undervoltage as well as
overvoltage protection).  Here's a long thread about the Neo's

I would definitely not buy a NeoHE unless I was guaranteed that a
revision A3 or later unit would be delivered.

Having a fan located within 1/2" of a  flat surface can make the noise
level go way up.  Maybe gluing a piece of felt on that surface will
help.  I've tried 1/2" sponge, but it made no difference with PSUs,
just HDs.

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