Replacing mobo, will current XP loadup?

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I'm thinking of replacing my Motherboard and graphics card from AGP to PCI

Will my existing harddrive/windows xp setup be OK. I mean, will i be able to
simply plug my existing Harddrive into the new motherboard and expect winxp
to startup without problems? or wont it be that simple.
Many thanks for any help/info

Re: Replacing mobo, will current XP loadup?

Probability is that it won't work. You could try a repair install,

but the very best thing you should do is to clean install. That will insure
that there are no 'ghost' and extraneous drivers sitting around. If you were
doing this with Win98 there'd be a better probability that installation
might succeed, but even then prudence merits starting from scratch.

From another perspective consider it an opportunity to start fresh for
having everything running just right.

Jan Alter
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Re: Replacing mobo, will current XP loadup?

On Wed, 29 Mar 2006 11:45:57 +0100, "Chris"

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I just posted that the last few MB replacements I did WIN XP would not
boot up and I noticed lots of other people post the same experience
too. In fact I just did it last night with a persons PC . I bought two
nforce3s /sempron 2800 to swap out an old KT333/1600. The problem with
a lot of people is they dont want their PC down even for 1 day and
they dont want to hassle any clean installs.

Couldnt get it to bootup WIN XP properly in safe mode. It constantly
reboots after a certain point of loading WIN XP in safe mode.

What I had to do each time is either a repair install or clean
install. Luckily the repair install didnt seem to mess anything up but
the system felt a bit sluggish compared to the other system using
sempron 2800 since I bought two of them.I would really recommend a
clean install.

Re: Replacing mobo, will current XP loadup?

If you change the motherboard in a computer that has Windows Xp as the OS on
the harddrive, then you must reformat the harddrive and do a fresh install
of the OS after switching motherboards.  Otherwise you will suffer ongoing
nasty Registry errors and data corruption.


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