Replacing HDD, OS

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I've been running Win98 on a 40G for a few years (an upgrade from
Win95B, which was an upgrade from Win95A), and it's getting about that
time to upgrade. I have a full version of Win2000 Server (not an
upgrade), so instead of formatting the existing HDD, I plan to replace
it with a 200G.

Here's my question. If I take out the 40G with Win98 on it, install the
200G and install Win2000, then decide that I don't like it and want my
Win98 back... is it just a simple matter of removing the 200G and
sticking the 40G back in? Or will I have to reinstall hardware and all
that jazz?

I hate to ask what's probably a stupid question, but I've been nervous
about going forward because I'm afraid I might end up putting my PC out
of commission, and I need it for work. I've held on to the OS and HDD
for months now, just waiting for the nerve to do it!



Re: Replacing HDD, OS

Your Gateway motherboard's BIOS will NOT be able to recognize a harddrive as
large as 200 GB.  It is an older model motherboard.


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Re: Replacing HDD, OS

Jason, 5/28/2006,11:22:39 PM, wrote:

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Yes, that should work.  But I doubt you will want to go back.

Re: Replacing HDD, OS


No problem man!.You can go with that idea.It will work.


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