replacing cpu fan/heatsink

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hi, i have a P4 2.5Ghz cpu (socket 478) with the original heatsink and
fan that was supplied when i bought the machine. I want to replace it
with a quieter, more efficient fan and heatsink. I have looked at the
heatsink and its bonded to the cpu with what i think is thermal paste
or a self adhesive patch. What is the best way of removing this so i
can put a new heatsink and fan on it? Also, do you have any
recommendations for good quality quiet, but relatively cheap fans?

Re: replacing cpu fan/heatsink

On 17 Feb 2006 12:00:22 -0800,

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You can either:

A)  Run the sysetm with the case cover off, then unplug the
fan a couple dozen seconds prior to shutting it off.  That
heats up the heatsink some, but not too much, at which point
you quickly take the heatsink off (with system turned off
and unplugged of course) while the thermal interface is
still melty.

B)  Take the CPU and heatsink off, take the fan off of the
heatsink and point a hair-dryer into the heatsink to heat it
up.  Then grasp the CPU by it's edges (being careful not to
bend the pins) and twist it off.  This is easier than A),
since A) makes you rush more to do it before it cools down.

For a replacement heatsink, go to your favorite vendors and
seek one with a full copper baseplate (at least, if not all
copper), and which uses at least 25mm thick by 80mm diameter
fan.  If your motherboard controls the RPM, you might want
up to 3500 RPM or lower.  If your motherboard does not
control fan speed then closer to 2400 RPM, even less RPM is
possible but depends on the price (quality) of the sink as
well as the chassis cooling.  I don't have much experience
with low-end 3rd party Skt 478 'sinks so I have no specific
models to recommend.  If you are crafty you might find a way
to put a different fan on your current heatsink keeping the
aforementioned fan specs in mind but we don't know how much
thermal margin your system has.  IE- if it's barely staying
cool enough now at high fan RPM, you may have to replace the
'sink or improve case cooling for best results.

Re: replacing cpu fan/heatsink

On 17 Feb 2006 12:00:22 -0800, wrote:

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Release the locking levers, and twist the heat sink back and forth to
break the bond with the CPU. Then you should be able to easily lift
the heat sink out of the retention frame.
I use the Cooler Master Aero 4 Lite DI4-7J74F.

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