Replacing controller on RAID5: simple swap or other?

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i have an IBM xseries 342 server running raid5.  One drive is showing
as defunct.  I tried replacing the drive, bu IBM ServeRAID manager
does not recognize when the old drive is removed (tried "scanning for
new or removed hardware" - nothing found).  I tried updating the BIOS
& Firmware to newest version - nothing worked.
I acquired a new controller card: ServeRaid 4Lx.

My question is can i simply pull out the old card and insert the new
Iím told the RAID confid is on the HDDs, and this should work.

Should I have all 3 drives installed when I boot up the new card for
the 1st time? or just the two working drives, and have the serveraid
manager see only two drives, then put the new, 3rd, drive in and do a

TIA :)


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