Remedy for bad graphics card bios flash --- use PCI graphics card WITH dead AGP card to re...

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Who came up with that plan ? They makeit sound like its a standard
thing. Its not working out at all.

Just another in a long line of PC torture Ive had the past two months.
Anyway had a dead 9600 ATI which Ive whined about before.

Got an ATI 7000 PCI to try the old two card flashing routine. Cant do
it on a new PCI express board my main system cause you need AGP + PCI.

So I used my 754 socket amd compaq fairly new system with onboard
graphics plus AGP and PCI slots. Put PCI graphics card in PCI slot and
the dead AGP card. You cant choose onboard +  dead AGP it wont let
you.  Its onboard OR AGP/PCI.

The problem is it boots up and you see the screen with the PCI card.
However as soon as it boots up it switches for some reason to the AGP
card and goes dead.

Also tried remote control with other system. Everytime I try to log on
a screen pops up on the 2nd PC with the dead AGP card which I have to
do something for the remote PC to log on. For some reason it wont let
me log on. When I try it with a good card its a piece of cake. Its all
very strange.

Trying with my old AMD 1600 system but its even flakier than the 754
system trying to run it with two graphics cards.

Im going to try it with a selfbooting floppy next. What a pain. I
wonder if there is a service that will reflash a graphics card for
cheap?  Already wasted one freaking day.

Re: Remedy for bad graphics card bios flash --- use PCI graphics card WITH dead AGP card to reflash bios

Forget it I got it to work.

It didnt work on the newer AMD 64 Compaq board maybe cause of the
peculiar design or the fact it had onboard graphics but the OLD KT333
board worked as described at some sites.

Flashed it to the orig non pro and its working.

So you might want to keep your old moldy PCI graphics card around if
you decide you want to try to flash your AGP or PCI exp card for more

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