reinstall XP on SATA drive

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Could someone please help. I want to reinstall  XP to clean up my system but
when i go through the usual process with bootable CD it gets so far then
says it cant detect Hard Drive. Is there a setting in the bios or do i need
to instal something else. During the reinstal process there is an option
which says " do you want to instal a third party SCSI or Raid Driver " and i
have to press a certain key. Is this what i need to do ?

Cheers in advance

Mike Collins

Re: reinstall XP on SATA drive

On Sat, 9 Apr 2005 13:28:44 +0100, "Mike"

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Yes.  The early ones did. My Asus needed extra drivers or the SATA
drives wouldnt be recognized.  You get them with your motherboard but
you can download them from your makers site usually.  On my older Asus
I also wouldnt see the HDs in the bios screens , only later during the
bootup process would it show on screen.

However my newer chaintech , its seems to be integrated into the board
better so it does show on the bios screen and even if I dont use the
nvidia IDE drivers I can still access the HDs on the SATA controllers.

If you have a newer board some posts have said some SATA connects need
it and some dont on the same board. Im not sure about that since I
havent tested it.  The way it was before when I had all IDE PATAs but
I would have the usual two connects with 2 drives on each connect -
that would be the built in regular ones that didnt need drivers to run
WINDOWs had them.  However I would buy a board with an extra
controller for two more cable connects and that could do RAID too
usually a promise or highpoint and those needed special promise and
highpoint drivers to work.

When I got my ASUS the IDE two connects worked normally but the
"extra" satas needed drivers.

My new chaintech has 2 IDE cable inserts and 4 SATAs and at least some
of the SATAs the two I see have worked without any nvidia drivers if
Im not hallucinating.  

Re: reinstall XP on SATA drive

Yes, that is what you have to do.  You need to install the SATA driver from
a floppy when that screen comes up during installation.


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Re: reinstall XP on SATA drive

yea go to your mobos site and download the sata/raid drivers.....also
sometimes if its an intel chipset you may have to download sata
drivers for the ICH6 sata controller. most net boards like my
gigabyte automatically recognize the sata drives during install like
he said. if you have to download the drivers from the web site itll
be in a zip for more than likely make sure you unzip the files and
then put them on a formatted flopy disc.....this is why flopy drives
still exist after all  :)  ......when you boot to the windows cd and
the windows install screen comes up start hittin f6 right away
because its one of the first options that comes up and if you dont
hit it quick enough it goes away pretty fast. ive seen some
motherboards have weird issues with sata even after windows is
installed properly though. after you install windows shutdown you
computer. let it set for a min then boot it up again. i always do
this to make sure the motherboards sata controller isnt damaged. my
reason for this is because my last 2 mobos ive attempted to hook my
sata drives up to wouldnt see my sata drives when i started from a
cold boot unless i cleared my cmos....these ended up being bad
mobos.... good luck


p.s....during installation of windows you may get a message saying
somthing like stop the device you are trying to install is not
authorized my windows.....this just means that the drivers you loaded
from a flopy arent windows drivers from the windows disc...dont worry
when you see this just tell it to continue using the drivers

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