refurbished laptop stores online?

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Good afternoon,

Could you please recommend some trustworthy online refurbished laptop
(I basically need a good light 17-incher).
Unless there are any reasons why I should think twice before buying a



Re: refurbished laptop stores online?

bj wrote:
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Dell had (once) referb units, there is a link on their webpage.    I
know a friend that bought one, $199 and likes it.  But he uses it only
on vacation, 2 weeks a year.   See my point..
So for him it worked, but I'm seeing basic laptops really down in price.
    And if you have money, I think I'd vote for a new one.   The
hardware might be more advanced and you may have less issues with it
over the next few years.

Re: refurbished laptop stores online?

On Wed, 3 Sep 2008 13:29:32 +0200, "bj"

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Check with the OEMs, refurbs on their website.  Besides that
you have to wonder why someone is getting rid of an
otherwise good laptop, most users aren't power users enough
to just replace one to get a performance upgrade until it's
quite old and as such, automatically less reliable as a

I agree with the prior poster, you'd usually be better off
finding a deal on a new one, especially when it's something
modern enough to have a 17" screen.  If you found one $150
cheaper but it already needs a $100 battery and has half the
memory of a new one, did you really save much?

Re: refurbished laptop stores online?

bj wrote:
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Dell has an extensive outlet with many laptops available. Check both the
home and small business sites. I've bought 3 of them with good success.

Re: refurbished laptop stores online?

Pen wrote:
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Before they started the online outlet, Dell had an outlet store in
Austin. It was in the front part of the building that housed their
repair department. They had a huge assortment of desktops and laptops. I
never bought a computer there, but I did pick up lots of assorted parts
and components. They had a huge parking lot that was usually nearly
full, and there were times that there has a long wait at the checkout
area. Occasionally someone would complain about the stuff they bought
there, but most of us loved it.

Re: refurbished laptop stores online?

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Well there are pro's and con's.

Pro's: newer latops have more technology.

Con's: some cheap laptops use cheap parts meaning they only last about 4
years were old IBM laptops - where the price were 20k when they were sold -
was pratically made to last. I got one from 1999 and its still running and
it will properbly continue to run after my Toshiba dies. Dont expect that
with a second hand 17" laptop. And no matter how good a brand is, its not
good buisiness to make things that last forever.

I repair/upgrade old pc's and also sell some once in a while. I said
repair, but not really, its only if the powersupply has been fried by
lightning. Its mostly upgrading I do, and im good at finding info on pc's
that are old. My customers from 5 years ago and further back are still
running the same pc's, that is not "good business" and its also only hobby
for my sake since I would never be able to earn a living on those terms,
then again I would never put my name to newer computers that dont last so
long because of low quality components and frankly not everyone can afford
a good quality pc = not enough business.

Its true that low quality computers sell, but as I said they dont last so
long. So if you want a good laptop that will last you more than 4 years,
you should not be looking at the cheap ones.



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