Refresh lost PS/2 mouse without reboot

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I "lost" my PS/2 mouse function but the KB is still operational. Mouse
is jammed into the lower right-hand corner of the screen, can't move
it. (Know this because I've got a utility installed that locates the
mouse pointer by double pressing the Control key).  Problem navigating
around to system components without the mouse.

 I know I can recover the functionality with a reboot.  But how do I
do it without rebooting the system?

Thanks in advance.

-- Roy Zider

Windows 2003 Server SP2
Tyan Tiger MPX S2466N-4M dual AMD CPU motherboard

Re: Refresh lost PS/2 mouse without reboot

On Fri, 18 Dec 2009 21:12:12 -0800 (PST), FUBARinSFO

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If it recovers and works again with a reboot I would suspect
a flaky video card driver and try updating it.  Either that,
or the PS2 port is operating off 5VSB power from the PSU and
that subcircuit on the PSU is either inadequate for the load
or failing and causing the mouse IC logic to fail (if PS2 is
running off 5VSB and you have an option like a jumper to
switch to regular 5V rail on the motherboard, try that.

Re: Refresh lost PS/2 mouse without reboot


thanks -- hadn't given thought to the 5V line.  I could put a
voltmeter on it to check the line voltages while running.  But I'm
suspecting more a driver issue, or interference from another

What I had hoped to find was a simple PS/2 reset utility that would
toggle the PS/2 hardware I/O port registers, without having to reboot
the machine (which in this case is a server).  A temp workaround is to
access the system with a USB mouse until I get around to rebooting.  I
have an extension out of a 1.1 port to the desktop, but didn't use
it.  The KVM reset didn't reset the port either.  And, I simply
rebooted and reset the port before I figured out how to access Device
Manager with the keyboard, and remove/reinstall the mouse driver.
Maybe next time.

-- Roy

Lost mouse on MPX.  First jammed into lower-right hand corner, then
mouse cursor visible later but not moveable.

.. Reset KVM -- no
.. Pull/reinsert plugs -- no (KB still OK, not mouse)
.. Use Control Panel | Mouse settings, change/apply -- no, but mouse
cursor relocated to buttons on popups
.. Post message on alt.comp.hardware
.. Google issue, reboot or else use USB mouse until next reboot.
.. Do have USB 1.1 cable to desktop, did not try it.
.. Rebooted MPX

-- Access Device Manager with Keyboard only
    .. figured out
    .. nav to Start | Control Panel | System | Hardware | Device Manager.

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