Recommended RAM/mobo for Intel D 805 CPU?

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Hi guys. What RAM/mobo would you recommend as best for the dual core
2.66GHz Intel D 805 CPU, if the intention is to buy one at stock speeds
with the future option of "reasonable" overclocking?

According to this article from Tom's Hardware, it seems the max
recommended speed is DDR2-1066.

However, by "reasonable" overclocking I mean no extra money spent on
fancy heatsinks costing as much as the CPU and water I
will be setting more modest targets. Do you think DDR2-800 RAM and a
matching mobo will do the job?

How badly crippled will the 805D CPU be if I buy a cheapo DDR400 mobo
for now until I am ready to overclock it?


Re: Recommended RAM/mobo for Intel D 805 CPU?

On 2 Aug 2006 14:26:16 -0700, "altcomphardware"

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No, modest targets with cost-effective replacement heatsink
can easily mean FSB and memory go above DDR2-800 level.
Remember what overclocking is, going HIGHER.

I leave it to you whether you choose to overclock as far as
can be done cost effectively or to be more conservative for
heat (noise) or power or longevity (of motherboard,
sometimes applicable) reasons... but in general, yes you
want faster memory or memory with good timings so you can
manually raise the timings to get higher bus speed.

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Do not buy a cheapo motherboard with overclocking in mind.
It's not always a good idea even for stock speed operation,
but the cheap board will tend to have lower quality
components more susceptible to o'c problems, shorter life,
even fewer bios adjustments to facilitate the o'c.

In short, a system built for overclocking needs built better
than average to end up with average lifespan.  We don't know
how long  you need for it to last though, but in the end if
you ask should you use higher spec parts to overclock then
the obvious answer is "yes".  You could always buy the lower
spec (or quality) parts and see what they'll do, if the
overcocking is not nearly as important as the price

Re: Recommended RAM/mobo for Intel D 805 CPU?

Thanks Kony. I will follow your advice and buy a quality motherboard
instead of a cheapo one.

Re: Recommended RAM/mobo for Intel D 805 CPU?

altcomphardware wrote:

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Here's the motherboard I settled on. What do you guys think?

The DDR2-667 memory is less than the DDR2-800 I was hoping for, but the
DDR2-800 motherboards seem to cost at least 2x more than the DDR2-667
motherboards. I can buy another Intel 805D CPU for that price

Re: Recommended RAM/mobo for Intel D 805 CPU?

On 3 Aug 2006 12:19:55 -0700, "altcomphardware"

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I don't have any experience with Gigabyte P4 boards,
Gigabyte makes some decent boards but that one looks like
they left off a half dozen  capacitors to cut costs.  I
can't know if it will matter in the long run, but I would
think of it more as a cost-effective rather than
overclocker's board.  You definitely want good FSB spec if
you want good o'c, as that's all there is with multiplier
locked CPUs.

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