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Currently I am using the D-Link DGL-4100. I am looking to replace it
because I did not realize that the WAN port was not 10/100/1000. I
have had it for a while now, so I can't return it.

Obviously I'm looking for a router that has both 10/100/1000 WAN and
LAN ports (Gigabit), would prefer wired, and a good, solid reliable
brand. A brand that doesn't slack off on firmware updates is another
plus. I would like to hear why you recommend a certain router. Pro's,
con's and your usage experience. I do have a limit on how much I am
willing to spend. While it's not the "sky's the limit" kind of limit,
I don't mind paying for a good piece of equipment. The router will be
for home use, connect two computers to the Internet, a Blu-Ray and
HD-DVD player for updates; and a X-BOX 360 on occasion.

I look forward to the group's help.



Re: Recommendations for a new router

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Not sure if you'd notice any difference
but NewEgg has gigabit routers for less than $100

Re: Recommendations for a new router

Rogue wrote:
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I started here.,com_chart/Itemid,189 /

This one seems to have wired ports on the back.

DGL-4500 > Xtreme N Gaming Router

    "Gigabit LAN and WAN Ports to Power Your Wired Network"

(Review) /

$100 style router boxes, don't have to give "wire speed" performance
between WAN and LAN ports. They use software, to decide what to do.
So, even though the WAN port runs at 1Gbit/sec, the thruput doesn't
have to be 1Gbit/sec (125MB/sec).

A standard complaint with devices like this, is mentioned in one
of the reviews. Some Gigabit devices in the past, were equipped with
a small fan, to keep the box contents cool. I don't see a fan on
this one.

    "It gets hot.."


Re: Recommendations for a new router

On Sun, 10 May 2009 11:29:05 -0400, Rogue

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Here are a few with 1x1000Mb WAN and 1000Mb LAN ports.  On
the product page of each are linked customer reviews and on
the lower left a link to the manufacturer's product page
where you can check whether they have a few firmware

Often routers have only 4 LAN ports but you list 5 clients
including the Blu-Ray and HD-DVD players, if none of them
will connect wirelessly then your choices become limited,
and the set top players in particular shouldn't need 1000Mb
performance levels just to get an update every now and then.

Are you certain you need 1000Mb on your WAN port?  Many ISPs
don't provide high enough bandwidth to exceed the capability
of 100Mb, and many modems themselves have 100Mb, not 1000Mb
ports.  If you don't really need 1000Mb WAN port you are
greatly limiting your options by not looking at models with
100Mb WAN ports.

If space is really limited you can go with one of the few
routers that has 1000Mb LAN ports and 100Mb WAN, though a
more traditional option for home use is a 1000Mb switch and
100Mb router.

You didn't mention anything about wifi, these days it is
practically free in a router and if you wouldn't use the
feature it can be disabled or at worst the antenna removed
so it's range is effectively 0'.  If wifi is desirable then
we'd need know which standard, mainly if 802.11g is enough
or you have 802.11n clients which could make use of the
faster speed.

As for firmware, do a web search for "DD-WRT" and "Tomato
firmware", several routers can use either of these open
source firmwares that many people report are reliable and
quite feature laden.  The support 'sites for these two
alternative firmwares will list router models they are
compatible with.

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